Best Tile Color for Small Bathroom

Best Tile Color for Small Bathroom

Best Tile Color for Small Bathroom. The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to make look good because of how many items go into the bathroom. A shower, vanity, toilet, and many other items go into a bathroom, however, the tile pattern one puts in his or her bathroom is very important when trying to make the bathroom look good.

The color of the tile should reflect the main colors in the bathroom, and many people don’t take much time to think about the bathroom tile patterns available to them. However, this article will change that by discussing three great tile patterns that would look great in just about any bathroom.

One of the easiest bathroom tile patters is the simple diagonal pattern. Many times the bathroom tiles are installed in a normal, square pattern. This is really plain and will add nothing to the looks of the bathroom. By simply installing the tiles diagonally, it creates a whole different look and feels in the bathroom. This may take a little more time since the tile will probably have to be cut and fitted more often than if someone didn’t do the diagonal pattern, but it’s definitely worth it.

One of the most elegant and unique bathroom tile patterns is the diagonal pattern with small square pieces put between four different tiles. This is done by simply laying the tile down as if one were to install a diagonal pattern, however, the corners of each tile are cut out in order to allow a small, square piece of tile to be placed between the four adjoining tiles. The small square piece should be a different color that still blends in well with the color of the larger tile. This pattern is definitely quite difficult to put in, but the look one gets with it is quite beautiful.

The square pattern is also one of the best bathroom tile patterns one can install in the bathroom. This involves using two different colored tiles. One color should be placed around the entire edge of the room. Then, the other tiles should be placed inside of them. This goes on until one reaches the center of the room and has the floor covered.

This is a pattern that definitely adds character to a bathroom and is really easy to install. I hope this article on bathroom tile patters has been beneficial to those looking to install tiles in their bathroom and to create a great design while doing so.

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Landscape Design around Farmhouse Front Porch

Landscape Design around Farmhouse Front Porch

Landscaping and Front Porch Ideas to Add the Wow Factor

Landscape Design around Farmhouse Front Porch. Do you want to make your front porch look inviting and welcoming, but are not sure how to do that? A few great porch landscaping ideas can make all the difference. Starting with landscaping makes sense because it is one of the first things that people see.

Front yard landscaping is very important if you want to achieve a whole new look and feel for your front porch. You can find many options for landscaping around your porch by browsing through magazines and driving around neighborhoods you enjoy.

One important thing to understand is that not every home is the same. Consider the architecture of your home and porch when deciding the look you want. For example, a contemporary home would probably not use the same design and decorating ideas for the front porch or landscaping that a farmhouse would. Charts are available that give you ideas on how to do your landscaping based upon the architecture of your home.

Now that you know this important information, you need to know some great ways you can use to change your front porch and spice up your landscaping. Here are some ideas to help get you started on planning your new front yard and porch.

Plants and gardens

Colorful plants and gardens will add color, beauty and irresistible charm to your home. Consider the height and style of your home’s architecture. Use symmetrical plantings, simple painted garden furniture, rockers and a swing of course for a country home. For a contemporary home, consider asymmetrical evergreen plantings in, on, and around porch.

Outdoor furniture

Adding comfortable porch furniture will easily increase the curb appeal of your home to a more inviting on. A porch swing invites people to stay a while and enjoy a conversation.


The walkway leading to your porch and throughout your garden can also add charming appeal to your home. Choose a walkway that makes people take notice and that invites them to go for a small stroll – such as brick or flagstones.

Now that you have these porch landscaping ideas, drive around some neighborhoods where you envy the homes. Take note of how they incorporate beautiful landscaping to spice up their curb appeal. You can add a lot of “wow factor” by investing a little time getting ideas – and then taking action to bring them alive at your own porch. Have fun and enjoy your results.

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Japanese Garden Design Elements

Japanese Garden Design Elements

Natural Material Effects in Japanese Garden Designing

Japanese Garden Design Elements. Nowadays, Japanese room and landscape garden designing are becoming more common. The reasons for this can be attributed to the hectic schedule of modern times. People are ready to do anything to get peace because of the worldly artificial environment that they work in.

The only solace for these people who are overworked is Japanese designing which takes these factors into account and tries to create an atmosphere specially directed at calming the senses. In Japanese bedroom designing each and every little accessory in your room is well concentrated on. So as to give you calm and quite feeling of being at a sweet ambience’s place away from your regular hectic and tiresome schedule.

The room is designed to add serenity to the ambience so one should make sure that it simple and serene. A room that is cluttered with objects is against the very ethics of Japanese designing. Don’t end up arranging lots of stuff in a limited space as it lands into the more tiresome environment. The rooms are specially designed to keep things that inspire and relax you. So the Japanese pay a lot of attention to each and every aspect of the room.

The Japanese style of room designing is well indicated and recognized by the use of natural materials. The rooms are specially designed with those materials in order to turn on the senses. So as to make sure that every little material inspires the senses and gives you a kind of relaxed inner feeling.

It’s not required to be stated that natural sources are the best illumination sources. Light use is minimal in order to add a relaxing touch. The colours always play a major role in adding serenity. So the colours are used in neutral shades to give a lowering touch to the noise pollution like the shades of green and grey.

Furniture is placed in a unique manner of making them as much ground touching as possible. So as to add stability and comfort to the room minimizing space coverage to give a spacious look to the room. The Japanese believe that a spacious feel allows for the free flow of positive energy through the room and this can bring in happiness for the people living in the house. The use of decoration materials is minimized in order to give you a perfect ambience where you may relax and concentrate on your inner self.

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Contemporary Landscape Design Elements

Contemporary Landscape Design Elements

Contemporary Landscape Design Concepts and Guidelines for Gardens

Contemporary landscape design elements. I’m certain all your visitors will definitely complement and adore your garden if you have an ideal one. Gardens or backyard spaces, usually, are always the least to be designed. This should get the same treatment as the bedroom, kitchen area or living room. A story is expressed through the appearance of the interior of your house.

Your lawn must also complement the good architectural form of the house. Even though this is a backyard pool, rose garden or a common manicured lawn, this should be designed attractively so the house will have a story that can be read from the inside and outside. By using some landscape design ideas suggested, you can make your garden even more appealing.

What is being needed when designing for one? What are the differences in a modern garden to other types of the garden? Before getting the concepts and tips, let us discuss those first.

Simplicity describes best what contemporary designed garden is. Asian design practices are the primary foundation of this kind of garden. If you are to make a modern designed garden, one must concentrate on it so as to be classified by a classy and smooth style. This design puts more interest in the architectural designs and not to the plants and trees or any greenery. Geometric shapes, as well as repeating patterns, are the major focus of this design. The idea of these contemporary designed gardens is usually to have a controlled and arranged looks.

Now, let’s proceed on the concepts and guidelines. When designing one, focus on the three primary attributes of a common modern designed garden. oversized grid patterns, straight lines, and geometric patterns are utilized to display a modernized appearance. These qualities must be the target of your landscaping designs.

Designing a patio generally will be simple if one concentrates on those three ideas. Concretes and woods are the primary materials utilized in this type of garden. Paths and grids are the main use of concrete. Generally, the spaces in the middle of the concretes are filled up with pebbles or gravels.

Also, river rocks can also be used. Grass can be grown in between the spaces. Wood, on the other hand, is used as decks. Narrow boards can also be leveled to the ground or elevated and are installed running in the same direction. These concrete and wood deckings are commonly straight and have ninety-degree angles that present a modern look to your garden.

Let’s go now to the walls. Always have it basic and geometric if designing for one. Metal, wood or stone filled gabions may be used in making walls.

Always pick plants that can give a modern appearance to the garden. A person can make use of palm trees to have the look of linearity. Always keep in mind that we’re working for lines or any geometric shapes when designing for a modern garden. Architectural plants, meaning any plants that highlight shapes or such that have big attractive leaves with distinctly colored leaves, can be used. Fountain grass, a kind of shrub that grows to make a fountain look, can be used for texture.

Keep in mind always the three main concepts and you could do it without assistance. Always seek out the newest landscaping designs on the internet. Go for what you like and combine it with your own idea and identity when making your own creation.

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Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas

Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas

How to Create a Shabby Chic Kitchen

Shabby Chic Kitchen. Shabby chic kitchens are now one of the most sought-after kitchen styles, in the modern world; especially in country properties. However, it is not by any means a new look since it originally evolved in the mid-twentieth century, when it became a popular method of creating an acceptable and charming way of decorating as money was tight after the second world war.

The essential element that conjures up the shabby chic look is a timeless elegance where the furniture does not have to match, just so long as all your pieces have an inviting, slightly worn look, and are closely related in color or tone. True shabby chic in your kitchen should reflect the grace and beauty of a bygone era when life was simpler and altogether more natural.

Shabby chic kitchen styles are characterized by a rural style comfort coupled with old world whimsy. The décor, which is normally based around white, off-white or very pale unobtrusive colors such as soft greens, pale blues, pale yellows or muted beiges, should look effortless and completely uncontrived.

Before setting about creating this well-loved style take a good look round your kitchen and consider the existing style in terms of wall colors, cabinets, appliances, work surfaces, and even cookware. Also, take note of the size and layout of the room to determine if there is enough floor space to accommodate additional pieces or the necessary wall space for additional cabinets or shelves. If not, begin thinking about how you could change the current look to achieve a more rustic feel. Newly painted walls and certain paint effects on the furniture, along with the right accent pieces will help change the whole look of your kitchen.

In the main most kitchen walls are best painted in plain or lightly toned white to maximize the amount of light, however for something a little more unusual you could also try painting your walls in a pattern of wide pastel and white stripes. If however, you prefer wallpaper, to make your kitchen appear more homely, it is best to choose a muted floral pattern, especially roses or tiny bunches of daisies or forget-me-nots.

Do bear in mind though that endearing as old fashioned wallpaper can look it should not even be considered if your kitchen doesn’t have proper ventilation to stop it getting overly steamed-up when cooking; otherwise you will soon be re-papering!

Concrete, grotesquely tiled or tacky linoleum floors are a complete anathema to the shabby chic kitchen style so they will need to be replaced with something more in keeping with your new soft and natural look. This, of course, can be a major and expensive undertaking, so if you don’t want to completely replace your kitchen floor you can simply add lots kitchen mats or rugs in muted pink, blue, green, or floral designs; just be sure to choose colors that complement your walls and existing flooring.

Plain wooden floorboards can be given a new lease of life by being sanded and varnished to prevent splinters in bare feet! They can also be stained in a ‘natural’ wood color but be careful that you don’t go too dark and make your kitchen feel grim and gloomy. Very pale wood may be stenciled in an interesting design before varnishing, but to ensure that the design ties in with your existing color scheme. A clever floor design could be used to emphasize a special feature such as an old couch, a favorite rocking horse or a freestanding butcher’s block.

Kitchen furniture and cabinets can be decorated in a number of exciting paint finishes, which is then distressed in varying degrees depending on just how truly ‘shabby’ you want your kitchen to look. If you are not sure how to go about the distressing process simply dial up ‘How To Paint Shabby Chic Furniture’ on the internet and you will find plenty of information and even videos on that cover the subject in depth.

To avoid an overly modern look you should always replace any current hardware on kitchen cabinets and door furniture with something more appropriate, such as glass or vintage ceramic knobs; which will indeed look so much more authentic. You can often find just what you need on eBay or you could try scouting around some of the more reputable building reclamation yards. Sometimes it is worth buying old cabinets or doors just to lay claim to the stunning or unique door and cupboard accessories.

If your current kitchen appliances don’t look remotely right in your new kitchen, you can have them repainted to match everything else, as fortunately, companies do exist that will repaint appliances. Alternatively, if you want to replace the appliances altogether, there are also companies that sell retro style appliances.

Don’t forget to give your kitchen a light and airy window treatment. Curtains, rather than blinds, are an excellent way to emphasize the shabby chic look especially dainty floral prints, held in place with antique tie-backs. For a cleaner, unfussy look you could also use cotton nets slung over pine poles or even pure lace, draped across just half the window.

Be aware that one of the joys of shabby chic style is that it utilizes less than perfect pieces, so do check out jumble sales, garage sales and even skips for discarded items. Someone else’s rubbish may just be the perfect display piece for your shabby chic kitchen. A start-up with a pretty paint finish or some floral material can give new life to many a neglected treasure.

The right accessories will simply ‘make’ your shabby chic kitchen so these should be chosen and placed very carefully to give the right effect. This stage of achieving the shabby chic look is rather like planting a country garden, in as much as it should all look entirely natural and as if it has just happened by chance.

However as any skilled gardener will tell you it takes quite a bit of forethought and planning to create just the right uncontrived look. Exactly the same will apply to your kitchen but, being careful not to over-clutter working space or surfaces, you can easily develop the shabby chic feel simply by applying a little imagination, time and effort and the best of all it won’t cost you a fortune.

Some really great additions to your kitchen can include distressed corner shelves for old battered recipe books, Victorian chamber pots for plants, early spice racks, embroidered hand-towels and homespun linen on wrought iron hooks, well-worn oven gloves, 1950’s tin canister sets and cookie cutters, granny’s washboard, sepia framed photos, Imperial kitchen scales, a rose patterned china tea service, vintage wooden boxes and serving bowls, old baking trays, copper pans, fish kettles and of course lots and lots of fresh flowers.

Finally, do remember that the true shabby chic look is only achieved by being understated, so you don’t need to have every single item in your kitchen distressed, miss-matched or floral. Sometimes less is definitely more and it is also vital that your own personality comes into play to make your dream kitchen particularly special and unique to you.

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Farmhouse Garden Decor

Farmhouse Garden Decor

Rustic Gardening For Your Log Home Plans

Farmhouse Garden Decor. Landscaping can make or break the look of a home. Different styles of houses look better with different landscaping. A home built to look old fashioned or rustic looks best when set within a naturalistic landscape.

Hardscaping is the first step. When you are deciding the placement of your home built with country home plans, you will need to decide how the surrounding land should look. Hardscaping is not easy to alter, so put a good deal of thought into this. Do you want your land to be flat or have rolling hills? How do you want to lay out paths and walkways? Do you want to incorporate a water feature like a small pond?

Do you want to have a fence? Now is a good time to decide if you want any sheds or other outside structures on your property. These buildings can help determine how the land should be laid out. Rustic houses look best when the landscaping involves natural materials. Walkways made from the stone will fit in with the overall feel better than ones made with concrete or pavers.

Once the basic layout is established, it is time to consider plants. Visit your local nursery and let their experts help you determine which trees will fit in with your house built with farmhouse plans Tree placement is important for providing shade to your house and grounds. Country homes look best with informal gardens. Perennials are plants you can plant that will come back year after year.

This means less work setting up your garden every year, and the plants form deep roots that protect your soil from erosion. Plants native to your part of the country are more likely to thrive than exotic varieties. They are designed for your climate which can mean less watering and care. Flowers provide color and vibrancy to your grounds. They also attract insects such as butterflies that help pollinate your garden and keep it healthy.

Once your grounds are laid out and planted, you can add special touches. Little things can make homes built with log home plans seem extra special. Again you want to consider natural or old-fashioned materials for any outdoor furnishings or seating areas. Wood or wrought iron benches will blend into your rustic landscaping better than plastic ones. Stone looks great and will last for years with no maintenance.

Trellises can be added to your gardens for climbing vines and flowers. Bird baths and feeders help attract our feathered friends to your yard. Bird or bat houses provide nesting places for animals that can help keep undesirable insect populations in control. Statues and outdoor artwork can add a touch of whimsy to your grounds. Yard sales and flea markets are great places to pick up inexpensive items that can help your property express your sense of style.

If you want to build a rustic home, be sure to check out the home plans available at House Plans and More. Their log home plans, country home plans, and farmhouse plans can be personalized to give you the perfect rustic home.

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Bohemian Style Kitchen Ideas

Bohemian Style Kitchen Ideas

Bohemian style kitchen. Kitchen Rugs are great accessories. They have multiple functions, from adding brightness and newness to the décor to hiding a deformed or a ruined kitchen floor. They are available in all sizes, shapes, materials, and budget and hence you need not worry about what and where to look for. If you want to give a quick makeover to your kitchen, then nothing can alter the look of the kitchen faster and more efficiently than the kitchen rug. Whether an elegant European feel or bohemian feel, a modern, chic look or a gorgeous, oriental look, a kitchen rug will add the final touches to the overall décor of your kitchen, whatever it may be.

Before shopping for a kitchen rug, you must make a note of a few things so that you can buy the best possible item for your kitchen.

The Kitchen Rugs should be of a washable material or completely waterproof. This is because that unlike any other carpet or rugs in the house this is the most likely to get dirty because of all the oil and grease and smoke from the kitchen and it is all but natural that fruit juice, oily gravy or water can spill on to it at any time. Hence, before looking for any other characteristics, this should be taken care of.

In case you have a very ethnic or an elaborately themed kitchen in Italian or Victorian style, then it is possible that you would want a very decorative rug to go with the theme and it is likely to be of a delicate and expensive material like wool or linen. In such cases, brush the rug regularly with a soft brush to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Then air it regularly and leave it in the sunlight weekly for natural disinfection. If at all you have to clean it then use a very mild detergent to wash off the stain.

If you are not sure regarding the color and size that would be appropriate for the kitchen then carry a shade card. This will give you the can idea what will compliment the color scheme of the kitchen. And also take the measurements of the rug, especially if you are planning to use one on a particular side of the room like under the dining table, before the oven or the fridge.

Apart from these, also make it a point to buy a relatively soft and comfortable rug as the lady of the house has to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it essential that she finds it comfortable enough to work on it for the better half of the day.

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