Eclectic Decor Modern Interior Design

Eclectic Decor Modern Interior Design

Home decor is a fabulous thing. You can take just about any house and turn it into a cultural experience simply by choosing the right furniture and home decorations.

While it’s always nice to have your whole house follow a particular decorating theme, it’s even nicer to have every room take on it’s own personality and be a completely different experience from the rest of the rooms in the house. One of the most striking ways to do this is by having an eclectic decorating theme.

For every room in your house, pick a different locale that you want to emulate. You can then decorate each room sticking one hundred percent to the theme you’ve chosen, leaving the hallways neutral.

Here are some ideas for different rooms:

The Living Room

Go for old English with heavy, ornate furniture that’s lavishly upholstered. Or stick to sleek and modern, with Danish couches and chairs.

The Dining Room

Does the French countryside sound like an appetizing place to eat? A large oval table in a deep honey finish paired with dining chairs and flowered seat cushions can make your guests want to say “Bonjour!” Alternatively, you can create an Oriental oasis with a black rectangular dining table and low seating.

The Bathroom

The Greeks were famous for their bath houses. Try mosaic tiles and soft greens and cremes for an authentic Athens look.

The Bedroom

Consider a Swedish set up in the bedroom. A low, black platform bed with white linens and a deep burgundy rug is the perfect combination.

Have fun while you shop for your furniture. Remember, authenticity counts, so if you’re going for a British living room, make sure to get a real leather Chesterfield, and if you opt for an Oriental dining room, be certain that your dining table and chairs don’t have too much of a Western feel. With the right choices, you will be proud, and your guests will be impressed!

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