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Scarecrow Ideas

Great Ideas for Making Scarecrows – Fabulous Fun for Young and Old

Scarecrow Ideas. All around the world, people young and old have discovered the fun and creativity of making scarecrows. Year by year they come up with an amazing variety of scarecrow ideas. Scarecrow festivals in many towns offer prizes in a wide range of categories. Visiting a scarecrow festival is a real treat as the streets come alive with amazing lifelike characters in an endless array of themes.

Scarecrow Ideas

What colorful and bizarre scarecrows are created each year for scarecrow festivals! Read also: Fairy Garden Ideas

— There are scarecrows representing jobs such as teachers, mechanics, train drivers, bakers, butchers, cooks, hairdressers, firemen, ambulance men, and politicians.

— There are family groups of scarecrows with scarecrow grandpas, grandmas, mums, dads, the kids and the pets.

— There are famous scarecrows of celebrities such as singers, comedians, actors, and performers. How about an Elvis scarecrow or a Mr. Bean scarecrow? read also: Garden Sculpture DIY Projects

— There are musical scarecrows playing drums, pianos, violins, and guitars.

— There are sports hero scarecrows such as swimmers, cricketers, and skiers. Why not make a scarecrow tribute to your favorite sports star?

— There are newly-wed scarecrows with beautiful brides and handsome grooms.

— And then there are theme scarecrows depicting nursery rhymes, fairy tales, songs, and poems.

Scarecrow Styles and Materials

Make a historical scarecrow display such as a steam engine or a horse-drawn buggy. Or make a futuristic scarecrow such as a robot or an astronaut of the year 2050.

Some scarecrows are traditional with outstretched arms and rustic rural clothing. Others are creations of pure imagination using all sorts of colorful fabrics and way out designs. Making scarecrows gives you the chance to let your imagination run wild. Read also: Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Scarecrows can be simply crafted from timber, straw and old clothing. Or explore the wide variety of other materials on offer such as clay pots, tin cans, stockings, sheets, newspapers, cardboard, wire, styrofoam and sports equipment such as basketballs.

Scarecrows can be simple figures supported on a pole or tree. Or how about making a multimedia scarecrow display with animations, music and sound effects?

Scarecrow making can be a fun family activity where even the youngest child can contribute to stuffing a sleeve or drawing a face. Or for autistic adults, making a scarecrow display provides the chance to create a colorful life-sized figure in an endless variety of themes.

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