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Brick Landscape Edging

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Brick Landscape Edging

Brick Landscape Edging – A Classic Look

Brick Landscape Edging. Oftentimes homeowners try to find ways to give their home that something special which will make it stand out from the rest. There is a desire to do something different and unique. One of the items that are versatile enough to allow for personal creativity while still giving that unique look is the use of brick landscape edging.

There are many different types of edging. You can use it in many places. In fact, any place where there is a definitive border can then have brick as the edge. Flower beds, mailboxes, trees, sideways and driveways are just a few of the places where this trim can be used to finish the look of your home. Read also: Stone Raised Garden Beds

Brick can be found in more shapes than the rectangle you are probably familiar with. In addition, it now comes in different thicknesses as well as different colors other than traditional red. Because you now have so many more options you can use it in a variety of ways, each with their own special look. For instance, flower beds often look best when a tiered brick outline surrounds them. The brick is laid out and then an additional layer is placed on top at an offset line from the first tier. It looks very polished and professional.

Trees and sidewalks very often will look best with a single layer of brick trimming around them. Sometimes the brick will be mortared together, especially for the sidewalk. Since there is a good possibility that the trim will be hit, stepped on or kicked by mistake, mortaring the bricks together will keep them from falling out of line when touched. If they are left free-standing, be prepared to always fixing them after they get hit or touched and fall off their line. Read also: Garden Ideas Backyard Landscaping

One of the places where brick landscape edging is very popular is up and down the driveway. Sometimes the brick is actually set down into the ground so it is even with the height of the driveway itself. This keeps people from tripping over it and gives it a nice look.

To install this way though is very taxing so you will need some time and patience if you plan on doing in yourself. Raised brick trim is used around driveways also but the chances of the brick being hit or moved are great so you will want to think about connecting the bricks either through mortar or other means available.

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