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Farmhouse Garden Ideas

Rustic Gardening For Your Log Home Plans

Farmhouse Garden Ideas. Landscaping can make or break the look of a home. Different styles of houses look better with different landscaping. A home built to look old-fashioned or rustic looks best when set within a naturalistic landscape.

Hardscaping is the first step. When you are deciding the placement of your home built with country home plans, you will need to decide how the surrounding land should look. Hardscaping is not easy to alter, so put a good deal of thought into this. Do you want your land to be flat or have rolling hills? How do you want to lay out paths and walkways? Do you want to incorporate a water feature like a small pond? Read also: Garden Ideas Backyard Landscaping

Do you want to have a fence? Now is a good time to decide if you want any sheds or other outside structures on your property. These buildings can help determine how the land should be laid out. Rustic houses look best when the landscaping involves natural materials. Walkways made from the stone will fit in with the overall feel better than ones made with concrete or pavers.

Once the basic layout is established, it is time to consider plants. Visit your local nursery and let their experts help you determine which trees will fit in with your house built with farmhouse plans Tree placement is important for providing shade to your house and grounds. Country homes look best with informal gardens. Read also: Garden Sculpture DIY Projects

Perennials are plants you can plant that will come back year after year. This means less work setting up your garden every year, and the plants form deep roots that protect your soil from erosion. Plants native to your part of the country are more likely to thrive than exotic varieties. They are designed for your climate which can mean less watering and care. Flowers provide color and vibrancy to your grounds. They also attract insects such as butterflies that help pollinate your garden and keep it healthy.

Once your grounds are laid out and planted, you can add special touches. Little things can make homes built with log home plans seem extra special. Again you want to consider natural or old-fashioned materials for any outdoor furnishings or seating areas. Wood or wrought iron benches will blend into your rustic landscaping better than plastic ones. Stone looks great and will last for years with no maintenance. Trellises can be added to your gardens for climbing vines and flowers. Read also: Garden Ideas Flower Front Yard

Bird baths and feeders help attract our feathered friends to your yard. Bird or bat houses provide nesting places for animals that can help keep undesirable insect populations in control. Statues and outdoor artwork can add a touch of whimsy to your grounds. Yard sales and flea markets are great places to pick up inexpensive items that can help your property express your sense of style.

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