English Cottage Garden
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English Cottage Garden

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English Cottage Garden

English Cottage Garden. People in the United Kingdom love gardening, so they always make it a point to have a large and vibrant garden next to their beautiful cottages. A cottage garden is a very unique style of garden which is decorated using modern paintings, ornamental plants, traditional materials, edible plants, wonderful designs and some very brilliant flowers.

An attractive garden really increases the value and look of a cottage; it adds color and hue even to a dull place. Everyone has their own distinct style of adorning and beautifying their cottage gardens. A cottage garden depends a lot on elegance and charisma rather than the structure or shape of the garden. English people are always trying to create something exception and different of their gardens. Sometimes flowers are planted together in such a disorganized way that they look like they are naturally wild and unattended. Read also: Farmhouse Garden Ideas

English cottage gardens are not only popular only in England, but they are also much admired in the whole of Europe. The English cottage gardens were originally created in order to grow fruits and vegetables for personal use, some very essential herbs, and ornamental plants were also grown widely in these cottages. But with the change of time and traditions large estate houses and holiday cottages also started maintaining cottages for beauty and grandeur.

In the past, the cottage gardens were usually enclosed with a rose-bowered gateway, and large, unique flowers were a specialty of such gardens. The flowers which were used in large scale were hollyhocks, pansies and delphinium. The basic cottage garden had no lawn, in fact, there was always a wide path running through the plants and flowers, allowing access to tend to the plants. In today’s times creating a simple cottage garden is no big deal; you can also do it even if you possess only a small piece of land. Read: Mediterranean Garden Design Landscaping

Some of the features of a traditional English Cottage Garden include:

1. Old style watering cans.
2. Wide paths running all around the gardens.
3. Old style fencing and garden gates usually with climbers such as the rose plant.
4. Old wooden bench for spending a relaxing time in the garden.
5. Sometimes a pond was also included to add to the beauty of the garden.
6. Antique styled earthen pots for ornamental plants and flowers.

Creating an English garden even in today’s world is very easy, but you just need to pay a lot of attention to the designs, styles and types of plants and flowers you are using. You can surely experiment with different and unique methods in order to create your own individual English Cottage Garden.

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