How to Make A Small Room Looks Bigger
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How to Make A Small Room Looks Bigger

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How to Make A Small Room Looks Bigger

How to Make a Room Look Bigger with Decor

Make Room Look Bigger. Sooner or later, most people start to feel that a room in their home is too small. It could simply be the way décor is used in the room. Fortunately, a few simple changes can make a big difference in making a small room look bigger.


A decorative mirror hung on a wall that reflects the view from a window or any other attractive looking element in the area will give the room a more spacious look. If the room is narrow, place a large mirror on a long wall to give the illusion that the room is wider than it is. Read also: Lovely Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Take out the Clutter

As clutter accumulates in a room, the living space shrinks and the wall seem to close in, making a small room appear to be even smaller.

Take anything that doesn’t belong in a room out of the room. Organize the items that have to remain and store them out of sight if possible. If the items can’t be hidden out of site, use double-duty storage like baskets and large containers that are part of the room’s décor.


Define the areas with paint to make the home look more spacious. Solid colors will add the feeling of depth in a room. Blocks of color will also serve to add visual depth to a tiny room.

Bring two separate rooms together by using a single color theme in rooms that lie in the same line of vision. This trick makes it seem that the rooms are opening to each other. Add depth by using the same accent colors in rooms that lie in the same line of vision.

Stick with solid colors in a small room. Patterned wallpaper can overpower a small space and make it seem a lot more confining. Instead, use light shades of neutral and bright colors. Read also: Amazing Modern Living Room Ideas Small

Paint the door openings in a different color to create the look of spaciousness


Take out any furniture in the room that isn’t needed. When shopping for new furniture, check out smaller size furniture that can be just as comfortable and visually invite as larger, overstuffed pieces.

A tall corner shelf gives a lot of space that can be used for media equipment and storage of books and other items without using up a lot of floor space. The open floor space gives the room a more spacious look and you’re not giving up any needed items.

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