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Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco Interior Design. Sometimes, when people decide they want to get serious about decorating their homes, the choose a particular artistic style or period to use as a model. Styles come and go as the year’s pass, but there is one particular style that gained prominence during the first half of the twentieth century which has stood up well to the test of time. In the twentieth century, art deco took the artistic world by storm during the latter half of the roaring twenties through the 1930’s. Although there was a brief period when it lost its popularity, art deco interior design is back in favor with people today.

Volumes have been written about this movement and its effect on popular culture. Examples of the style can be found everywhere from train station architecture to advertising. People decorate in the style by using posters, paintings and prints representative of the period. Read also: Victorian Home Decor

This is a style of luxury and opulence. Clean geometric lines, bright chrome and offbeat materials that were sometimes quite expensive to work with, made it stand out in contrast to the styles that had come before it. The early examples of this style featured black and white zebra stripe styles, but this later evolved to include more colors.

Some people believe that it was the famous King Tut discovery of the early 1920’s that got the art deco ball rolling, due to the fact that the tomb was adorned with many features that later inspired deco artists. Generally, however, it is agreed that what would grow into the art deco movement came from the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Art which was held in Paris in the year 1925. This event served to show off the architectural designs of Europe, but it had rippling effects in styles and fashions that reached around the globe.

As a movement in artistic design, the style thrived up until the 1940’s. During that time, the style was not actually known as, or referred to, as art deco. That now well-known phrase was only introduced to the popular vernacular much later when Bevis Hillier, a well-known art historian, coined the phrase in the book he wrote in 1968, Art Deco of the 20s and 30s. Read also: Vintage Eclectic Decor

The style fell out of favor for a period of years, but the 1980s saw a resurgence in the movement’s popularity. On television, the famous architecture style could be seen in the city of Miami on the police show Miami Vice. People clamored for the luxurious and bold designs. The style has remained popular to this day.
Collectible items made from Bakelite in the 1930s such as handsome, telephones in a variety of colors now sell for significant amounts of money at auction. Likewise, large websites devoted to providing decorative accessories to homeowners have now started to include retro styled reproductions based on the designs first introduced in the thirties.

Today, people looking to design their homes in this style will often spend large sums of money to purchase original vintage art deco items from the twenties and thirties. Some people, however, choose to take advantage of the fact that a large market has sprung up to provide art deco reproductions.

Everything from chairs and other furniture to mirrors, chandeliers, and works of art can be bought in the art deco style today. Smaller items that are used to adorn and accessorize homes, like figurines, pottery and beautiful glass vases from the period are also very popular. It seems that even in a difficult economic time, people long for the rich and luxurious style of art deco interior design.

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