Scandinavian Decor for Living Room
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Scandinavian Decor for Living Room

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Scandinavian Decor for Living Room

How to Decorate in a Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Decor for Living Room. Scandinavian design is all about being calm, simple, pure and yet being fully functional. The scandinavian design emerged in the 1950s and became popular again from the 1990s. It is characterized by simple design, minimalism, functionality, and generally low-cost mass production as evidenced by the huge superstores in IKEA.

One of the principal tenets of Scandinavian design is that of symmetry. The informality occurs with the simplicity of the furniture and the sparseness of the look but symmetry is also important, but as simple as two candleholders put side by side or two chairs, either side of a chest of drawers or writing bureau. Painted furniture is central to this design so purchasing a couple of chairs at an auction and applying a couple of coats of paint and will be well on your way to creating this look within your home decor. Read: Living Room Color Scheme Ideas

White is one of the key colors for Scandinavian Design, it is not all about blue and white stripes. However, it is becoming more popular now to add in injections of color – be it black, grey, yellow, or injections of any color – it is the whole simplicity of the design that makes it succeed as a Scandinavian look. Bare wood is important to the Scandinavian look, as is painting.

The texture is also important and you can achieve this with chunky knitted cushions in plain earthy colors.

To add interest to the walls, wallpaper panel pieces depicting Norwegian scenes are perfect for bringing Scandinavia right into your home decor, they bring the cleanliness, the freshness, the whiteness, the flora and fauna of the Scandinavian countries right into your home. Read: Scandinavian Kitchen Design Modern Decor

As they can be used singly or with other panel pieces, you can add as few or as many to your interior as you wish. They range from simple woodland scenes to scenes including magpies and even a play on the domestic dog with ‘slipper wolf’. You can also inject color into a white scheme with colored geometric designs.

And remember, Scandinavian design is not just about home decor, it is also a way of life that exemplifies simplicity and efficiency. Tidiness is key but if your interior decorating follows the William Morris rule ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, nor believe to be beautiful, you will be living an uncluttered life. Each piece in Scandinavian design should be there for a reason and should add to the whole style of the room.

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