Water Garden Fountain Ideas
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Water Garden Fountain Ideas

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Water Garden Fountain Ideas

Homemade Water Garden Fountains

Water Garden Fountain Ideas. Making a homemade garden fountain can be quite a simple task. You can also build quite elaborate fountains although it may not be quite as easy. You first have to decide just what it is you are contemplating. Are you looking to make a simple garden fountain that will sit on your patio table as a focal point? Or are considering an in-ground pond with a relatively large fountain? Either way, there is going to be some planning required.

The tabletop homemade garden fountains: This is a great way that you can really use your creativity here. Chances are you probably have many items around your home that you can use to make up your fountain. There will be some items that you will need to purchase such as a small pump and tubing to make your fountain flow. Read also: Pond with Waterfall Ideas

You can start by using several different sizes of clay flower pots. For the base of your fountain try and find a ceramic flowerpot or even a large bowl. Then you can use your clay pots to create different levels in your fountain allowing the water to flow through them. You can vary the positioning of them, by allowing some of them to fill with water, and then spill down onto the next pot which would be placed upside down.

To position, your pots at different levels, use a variety of different size stones and build them up. If you can find some small pieces of shale they work well as ledges. Then once you have the various pots strategically laid out the way you want them then you can start adding some accessories.

You can add either some real plants or some artificial ones. Purchase some artificial moss and position this around your pots and on the ledges. It’s from this point where you can be creative. You may have thought that you didn’t have the talent to do this but once you start you will see how easy it really is.

The outdoor pond fountains: You have lots of choices here for your fountain as there are many on the market that you can purchase. If you really want to customize your pond consider making your own fountainhead. A great medium to make a fountainhead out of is ceramic. This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for one of the store-bought ones either. Read also: Natural Swimming Pool Design Ideas

If there is a ceramic hobby shop near you then you could go and purchase a piece of unfinished ceramic and do it yourself. There are actually ceramic pieces that are designed for fountains or you can modify them with your own creativity. The ceramic shop will give you instructions on how to prepare your piece so that it can be used in your fountain setting.

The two important aspects will be inserting an opening for the water to flow through, and making sure the piece is glazed. This is one sure way of having a unique fountainhead for your garden fountain.

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