Modern Kitchen Cabinets Colors
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Modern Kitchen Cabinets Colors

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Modern Kitchen Cabinets Colors

As kitchens strengthen their hold to the title of being the new heart of homes, the building blocks of the area become more visible-being subjected to the home improvement limelight. A major player when it comes to lending the required appeal and efficiency to the area, selecting the right set of kitchen cabinets has become among the most crucial tasks when remodeling. Gone are the days when the style is sacrificed over efficiency as now fashion can go hand-in-hand with functionality. This article looks into kitchen cabinet color trends and their evolution from the elegant yesteryears, current fab, and hues gearing up for the coming year.


When we try to look back into the past, most kitchens are styled with an old American and European flair. But whichever style they tend to brandish, we can say that the kitchen cabinets’ color trends back then are more on the homey side. Older kitchen cabinets, especially in high-end homes, showcase the rich colors of natural hardwood and are mostly custom-made. Favorites range from classic shaker to ornamental antiquated looks have been the ‘it’ thing back then. Some that are made from cherry or other wood that achieves patina over time turns into a sumptuous darker shade that is preferred in Spanish kitchens.


Today, kitchen cabinet color trends are more on personalized fashion. Kitchens of today have become an extension of the stylish preferences of homeowners with more daring hues and schemes becoming fabulously known. Some of my favorites include:

1. Sleek and Bold

More and more people prefer modern designs that perfectly match their lifestyles that are always on the go. For sleek kitchens, stainless steel is becoming a norm. For those who are not into too much industrial look and soften the feel of the area, metal cabinets can be mixed and matched with wood and paired with glass. Cabinets can be painted with bolder colors such as red, black, blues, or brighter hues such as yellows and oranges.

2. A Comeback

Traditional colors and designs are making a comeback in kitchen cabinet color trends and are now considered the new contemporary. Neutrals such as that brandished by cream maple cabinets or the raw natural hardwood finishes such as neutral cherry, maple, and oak series are currently hot in the market. Some homeowners also choose a distressed look to the façade of the building blocks to their kitchens to infuse a delightfully old-world charm that still blends well with modern advancements in design and technology.

Will Be

For the coming change of the year, interior designers and stylists are already busy cooking up the ‘will be’ kitchen cabinet color trends. Many professionals and companies have already released their predictions and one of the lingering fashions is the traditional hardwood and neutral color choices. Because low-cost all-wood kitchen cabinets continue to rise in popularity, wood finishes are a classic choice that will remain trendy for a good many years. Other upcoming colors are those entailed in luxury Italian with rich hues and textures for the lavish; charming minimalist bright for those wanting a homey look; bewildering colors of natural landscapes for the exotic; and ethnic chic that is primarily greys, yellows, purples, burnt orange, vibrant blues, and blacks.

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