Pond Design and Construction
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Pond Design and Construction

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Pond Design and Construction

Creating a Pond – Pond Liner Calculators, Designs, and Construction

Pond Design and Construction. Constructing a pond using a rubber pond liner has a number of advantages over the other possible methods. Pond liners are easy to use, allow for greater flexibility in design, and can be bought in sizes to fit your exact needs. From small marshy wildlife water gardens to large ‘lakes’ complete with central islands, you are only limited by your imagination.

Rubber liners are generally favored by professional garden designers and landscape architects but this does not mean that you need to be a professional to use them. Easy to move and install, they offer one of the most effective lining methods on the market. Read also: Pond with Waterfall Ideas

Key considerations before building a pond and purchasing the materials required are the design and the size. Measuring out the exact size and depth of the pool will help you to calculate the size of the liner required. If in doubt, check with suppliers who should be able to offer a pond liner calculator on their websites or in-store.

Factors to consider before commencing construction

– The design and size will depend on the dimensions of the garden you are working within. It is important to consider the nature of the rest of the garden. The water in a water garden needs to remain ‘healthy’ and heavily shaded areas that are subject to leaf fall in autumn may not be suitable. An open sunny position allows the oxygen levels in the water to remain healthy. Read: Water Garden Fountain Ideas

Leaves falling into the water will create toxins that can be harmful to fish and aquatic visitors so avoid areas beneath trees or cover with a net to stop leaves falling into the water. Once you have decided the general location for the pond this will give you a more accurate figure to work with in terms of size.

– The depth of the pond will depend partly on design and partly on personal choice. Generally, ponds with different depths offer more variety and are better suited to fish keeping or for attracting wildlife. A deep central pool with shallower shelves at the edges creates a better habitat for fish and animals. Aquatic plants can be grown on shallower shelves around the edges to help to blend the pond into your garden.

Pond Liner Calculator

To calculate the size of the liner you’ll need to take the following measurements: firstly measure the maximum length of the pool, then the maximum width, and finally the maximum depth. The calculation you’ll then need to do is as follows:

For the liner length: Maximum length + (2 x Maximum depth) + 1*

For the liner width: Maximum width + (2 x Maximum depth) + 1*

*This measurement is for the overlap that will be required – the figure relates to the units of measurement you are using. Measuring in meters, it needs to be a 0.2-meter overlap added to the dimensions. Read also: Tropical Landscaping Design Ideas

If in doubt there are a number of pond liner calculators online to quickly check your mathematical skills. While pond liners are the easiest method for lining a pond it is important to get exactly the right size to adequately line the pond. A certain amount of overlap will be needed to ensure the liner can be secured in place properly. With this done correctly, it’s time to start digging!

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