Blue and White Living Room Ideas
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Blue and White Living Room Ideas

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Blue and White Living Room Ideas

Decorating The Living Room Interior With Blue

Blue and White Living Room Ideas. Decorating with Blue is not as daunting as some might see it. Blue is fresh and brings the interior to life. Tones of Blue in the interior make it appealing and creates interest. Curtains, accessories, and soft furnishings with blue pattern prints and designs can make up an appealing contemporary living space.

Blue is a cool color by nature. Browsing through interior catalogs, it is one of the most widely used colors for show homes and interior shots. but in reality, a lot of people find it difficult to layout an interior scheme with blue. It takes a little effort to work out the scheme and combined it with other cool tones as it works many other cool tones like gray, purple, even black. To give your room a sense of stability and calm, use combinations with Gray, Purple, Black with Blue. If you want to go bold with your interior, go for a combination with metallic, whites, deep reds.

Hanging patterned blinds in the floral blue fabric adds a layer of interest to a living room scheme. Blue tones used both on the window and accessories create a link between the two. An area rug in Grey may offer softness, with a comfortable and generously cushioned sofa. Read also: Living Room Colors 2019

A floral curtain fabric sets off the color scheme in a living room. Mix blue and floral curtain fabric for a soft, gentle living room style. Floral patterned Curtains / Blinds with brighter floral pattern on cream go extremely well with pastel sofas. Try this beautiful yet elegant Blossom floral curtain fabric in blue to create a statement around your interior.

Fabric in a bold floral pattern will make a strong statement when teamed with other soft furnishings and curtains in the same color. Another idea is to start with creamy neutrals on the walls, carpet, and upholstery, then choose blossom-print curtains with Blue and purple or Lilac accessories. Read also: Living Room Paint Colors with Brown Furniture

Blues and soft creams is a wonderfully calming scheme that is perfect for living rooms. Choose furniture in pale colors that look as if it’s been bleached by the sun. Have fun with prints and accessories around the furniture in muted color. Floral Curtain fabric can set off the color scheme in your living room.

Play around with coordinating and complementing colors. Mixing other prints with floral patterns will create interest in the living space. For a tip, start with creamy neutrals on the walls, carpet, and upholstery, then choose blossom-print curtains.

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