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Tropical Interior Design Ideas

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Tropical Interior Design Ideas

Tropical Interior Design – Turn Your Home Into a Lively Tropical Haven

Tropical Interior Design Ideas. Some people have to wait for the summer or their annual leave to have their much-awaited tropical vacation. They spend the rest of the year saving money, planning endlessly, and dreaming about the wondrous feeling you get once you are in front of the ocean experiencing the cool ocean breeze and the exquisite coastal scene.

But the thing is, you do not need to wait all year or spend a lot of money just to get the vacation of your dream. Experiencing the wonderful gifts of the tropics does not need to be an annual affair anymore. This is possible if you decorate your home with a tropical interior design theme and turn it into a lively tropical retreat.

Planning the process

When doing a home makeover, it is always best that you first plan the design of the rooms. Determine what kinds of furniture and accents to buy. Your choices include metal tropical wall decorations, tropical furniture, and tropical decorative accessories. Also, make a floor plan to serve as a guide on how you will arrange all of these.

Color Combinations

Just like in any theme of design, color also plays a crucial role in tropical interior design. Backgrounds can be made of light or pastel colors such as light blue, beige, tan, coral pink to represent the sky, ocean, and beach while earthy greens and browns resemble the richly colored tropical forests.

Islands, which usually have vibrant and bright colors that usually come in floral patterns, can be incorporated into the design with the use of shades of yellows, reds, oranges, whites, and greens in the background and then throw in some colorful animal and bird prints to make the look for tropical.

Other shades you can choose from including earthy tan, ivory, ecru, light gold, and deep brown. These shades can be used for accents and highlights.

Lighting Effect

As for lighting, you need to strive for lighting that will provide the same warmth you get when you are in a tropical region. One good suggestion to achieve this kind of lighting is to use lamps that will give out yellowish ambient lighting for the room. You can also achieve this by having large windows in the room, which allows the breeze to come in and out of the house and the warm shine of the sun to illuminate the room.

Tropical Materials

Bamboo is one of the most common types of materials found in tropical regions. This can be used as bamboo floor mats, bamboo wall covering and even as material for furniture. This type of material inevitably creates a unique feeling of the tropics.

Other materials you can include in the design include rattan, teakwood, and abaca. What is great about these natural materials is that they are hardy and renewable. Harvesting them encourages rapid re-growth and they last a long time.

Decorative Accessories

The range of accents and accessories you can use to complete the tropical look of your home is endless. To name a few, you can use pieces of coral, colorful seashells, starfish, metal tropical wall decoration, tree metal wall art.

Handcrafted products such as baskets, mats, screens that are made of seagrass, rattan or banana leaf are also ideal options. You can also include fabrics and sheets with animal prints like leopard, giraffe, tiger, and zebra, which are the common animals you find in the tropics.

Creating a tropical theme for your home is not invigorating and relaxing but can also make you feel like you are on a vacation every time you come home from a stressful day at the office.

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