Amazing Garden Sculptures Stone Inspirations
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Amazing Garden Sculptures Stone Inspirations

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Amazing Garden Sculptures Stone Inspirations

Garden Sculptures – The Garden Artifacts

Garden Sculptures Stone. Garden sculptures have been a part of the artifacts for a long. The history attached to it explains that in the ancient world sculptures of gods and kings were placed in temple compounds, lakesides, and groves. The concepts of garden artifacts have been a part of our society since then. Today apart from taking it as a leisurely activity, it is marketed as a business too. With the growing aesthetic sense and the knack of making gardens individualistic, people keenly look up to garden sculpture products for decking up their gardens, and hence, the garden artifacts business is too taking to new heights.

The manufacturers of such sculptures are generally artists themselves. They channelize their creativity into a garden sculpture business and make the most out of it. Now with the advent of online marketing, it has become all the easier to expand the business and pitch potential leads with minimum capital investment. Thus, the garden artifacts business can be one of those many profitable business possibilities which artists can explore. Read also: Garden Art Ideas

Garden sculptures offer a varied range of artifacts ranging from functional to ornamental to dual purposes art pieces. Since these sculptures have to be placed in an open area where they are exposed to all kinds of weather and season, the material is chosen for making such decorative pieces is generally hard enough to bear the extreme conditions of rain, sunlight, and winds. Stone, metal, poly-resin, and wood are often used for making different garden sculptures. Though wood sculptures do call for extra care efforts in form of regular seal treatment.

Some of the popular garden sculpture products are discussed as follows:


birdbath refers to a tiny puddle kind of structure meant for birds to take bath or drink water. These help in attracting a lot of natural wildlife to a landscape and also curbing the swarms of mosquitoes in the vicinity. A birdbath combined with a bird feeder can be all the more attractive for songbirds etc.

Sculpture Benches

A hand-carved or stone sculpted bench can be another great way of sprucing up a garden area. A sitting area is invariably needed in every garden and thus, a sculpted bench can indeed be a utility-driven art piece. The only thing to remember while considering a sculpted bench is comfort. Apart from being a one of its kind sculpture, it also has to be comfortable enough for sitting, or else the entire purpose of it would be lost.


Statues are an integral part of garden sculpture products. Some classic stone statues erected in the garden area can do wonders to a simple landscape. Abstract art, cute cherubs, and angels or wild animals, a well-finessed statue is sure to attract the attention of a viewer.

Stepping Stones

Custom-made stepping stones can add a personalized touch to a landscape. One can get some meaningful text or some important initials or a personal favorite design carved onto it. Personalized and handcrafted stepping stones do make amazingly intriguing garden sculptures for sure.

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