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Cool Interior Design Ideas

5 Easy Interior Design Ideas For a Cool Home

Cool Interior Design Ideas. I recently moved into a new flat. What do you think about making your home by yourself without much effort? When I moved into the flat was bare, and any furnishings that were included were either dull or, well,… dull! Despite this, I saw great potential in the flat and knew that I could breathe life into it if I just got a bit creative. By adding a few Canvas Prints, Lighting effects, and some personal touches, it became the coolest flat I’ve ever had.

Below are some easy, cheap Interior Design Ideas that helped transform my bland-flat, into a stylish bachelor pad!

1. Choose a Colour Scheme

The first thing that needed to be sorted in my new flat was the color scheme, or should I say, I needed to first introduce a color scheme. I like rock and metal music. I, therefore, like dark colors such as black, dark reds, and blues. It is important when choosing a color scheme that you choose colors one reflects your personality. In the end, I went with black and dark purple. Read: Minimalist Interior Design Tips

2. Paint

Now that I had chosen my color scheme it was time to get messy with paint. A good technique when painting the walls of a room is to paint opposite walls the same color, and the remaining two walls a different color. In my case, I painted two of my opposite-facing walls dark purple, and the remaining two I left white. These white walls would be added later with art and other such decoration, to give them more appeal.

3. Buy Nice Furnishings or Improve What You’ve Got

My flat came part furnished, it had a bed, sofa, old coffee table, wardrobes, and a few storage cupboards. The sofa provided was a horrible murky brown color, so I bought a nice big black sofa throw, which I used to cover the sofa. I bought a few dark purple cushions and “Hey Presto” a cool new sofa! I then bought some funky Dark Purple curtains that had a black swirly pattern, these matched my cushions and helped promote my color scheme throughout the flat. As for the coffee table, wardrobes and cupboards, I simply painted them black using a paint designed for wood, then gave them a nice coat of varnish. By being a little creative you can pretty much transfer any old furnishings into wonderful new ones.

4. Decorate with Art and Personal Items

This part is fun and again should reflect your hobbies and interests in life. As mentioned I am a huge fan of rock and metal music. To add more variation to the walls of my flat I decided to invest a little money in some Canvas Photo Prints. I chose a few of my favorite album covers, which included Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Pantera.

I had my local printing company transform these images into wonderful Canvas Prints. They look great on the walls and give the place a very personal touch. I also have a few old guitars, so instead of throwing them out, I mounted one of them on the wall using a guitar holder that I bought from a local music store. Personal touches like these really add character and individuality to home, why not experiment with what you have? Read also: Home Interior Trends 2019

5. Lighting

I didn’t technically come up with this idea myself, it was provided by a friend who creates lighting for music concerts, but I’m so glad he did because it has elevated my flat to a whole new level of cool. I bought a few free-standing tall spot lamps from a local high street store. I placed these in the corners of my room and using the directional lamp heads was able to direct the light in several angles around the room.

These lamps also came with dimmer controls allowing me to adjust the level of brightness emitted by each lamp head. By experimenting I was able to come up with some very relaxing and tranquil lighting settings for my flat. Using another guitar on a stand, I wrapped a few fairy-lights around the body and up the neck. What resulted was one of the most talked-about features of my flat! Lighting can dramatically affect the way in which a room feels so experiment with color and brightness to find something that suits you.

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