30  Wood Furniture Design Bed Ideas
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30+ Wood Furniture Design Bed Ideas

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30+ Wood Furniture Design Bed Ideas

Solid Wood Furniture – Design Your Bedroom to Be a Sanctuary

Wood Furniture Design Bed. The way you furnish your bedroom is reflected in the quality of your sleep and affects your ability to relax. It is therefore important to ensure that this room, above all others, is a calming and nurturing as it can possibly be. It is your hideaway and your sanctuary so good, strong, reliable, solid wood furniture is essential.

The texture and coloration of solid wood furniture compliment any interior decor, bringing with it, a subtly radiating warmth that permeates the room. Not stark or jarring to the eye, it presents a pleasingly soft aesthetic, which lends itself perfectly to your relaxing bedroom theme.

Since you generally spend up to eight hours a night sleeping, it makes good sense to invest in a solid wooden bedstead to cosset you while you sleep. The strength and durability of a solid wooden bedstead will ensure that it lasts a lifetime. Its fine lines, wonderful natural tones, and the craftsmanship that goes into its creation will make you want to keep it for longer. Read also: Modern Bedroom Designs 2019

Of course, solid wood furniture for the bedroom does not have to stop at the bed. Bedside cabinets, drawer sets, chairs, dressing tables, wardrobes, blanket boxes, chests, and the increasingly popular chaise longue can all be crafted from good quality timber and would compliment each other perfectly.

Solid wood furniture, as the name suggests is made of solid wood, and that is all. No ply or particle boards are used and no veneers. A veneer is a name given to the thin layer of quality wood that is used in some manufacturing practices to overlay woods of lesser quality. It is literally stuck on with glue. This type of furniture is not veneered. Any joints, such as those that may be found in the drawers of a bedside cabinet, for example, are dovetailed for added strength.

Dovetailing is the process by which two pieces of wood are joined together using interlocking tenons and mortices. The fan-shaped tenon forms a tight interlocking joint when fitted into its corresponding mortise. When crafted properly, these joints are incredibly strong and negate the use of nails and screws. Only a piece made in this way can truly be called a solid wood furniture piece. Read also: Minimalist Bedroom Decor

Adding the finishing touches

When finishing off your bedroom sanctuary, remember to invest in equally good quality bed linen and sheets. Fairtrade organic cotton is now available, which is great for those who suffer from allergies or eczema. These come in a range of beautiful colors to tie in with your color scheme. It is also important to pick the right mattress for blissful, restorative sleep.

Choose from pocket sprung, open coil, or Visco elastic memory foam. A comfortable bedroom will have plenty of blankets, throws, and cushions to add a touch of luxury and style. Pick colors that contrast with your key furniture pieces for a contemporary modern look.

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