Affordable Antique Furniture for Decorating Your Home
from Affordable Antique Furniture for Decorating Your Home,

Affordable Antique Furniture for Decorating Your Home

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Affordable Antique Furniture for Decorating Your Home

Here Is The Principle To Choose Antique Furniture!

Affordable Antique Furniture. Antique furniture is different from other antique collectibles, and furniture happens to be the most feasible and favorite choice. No one gathers a similar kind of piece frequently. You may have a particular fondness for definite style or wood. It means that you only purchase and gather tables, chairs, chests, or cabinets and load up your house with a specific wood or style.

If you happen to own or collect antique furniture, you need to know the principles such as the construction, joint method, various styles, and painting technique. Therefore, you can decide if the specific item is “old” antique (genuine) or “new” antique (altered).

When you are well informed about the principles, you can go confidently to many antique furniture auctions or merchants. If you look over the product like table or chest, don’t be hesitant to pull out drawers or any parts in order to look at the areas that weren’t visible.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty, or you’ll never understand.

At the beginning of manufacturing, furniture was made from solid wood with the advancement in cabinet-making procedures; furniture adornment by using veneers (thin sheets of wood) was evolved.

By this way, it provided an affordable technique of generating decorative effects and made inexpensive woods stare similar to expensive hardwoods. Some of the woods applied in antique furniture are mahogany, oak, beech, ebony, cherry, walnut, elm, pine, satinwood, chestnut.

However, you should know the important principles when you specify the authenticity, age, quality, worth, and price of antique furniture:


During the 18th and 19th centuries, antique furniture is constructed from several different types of wood. Typically it consists of two types, more expensive wood and less one. More expensive wood was used on the surfaces that were exposed.

Joint Method

Antique furniture will have joints that are strengthened with woodworking techniques like splints, dowel, hand-carved dovetails, or mortise and tendon.


Do not disregard pieces with spots or blemishes as the wood has not been harmed. A good restorer can release surface spots. Antique Furniture in its authentic perfect condition is worth the highest price.

Color and Patina

Patina is the shine of the wood after years of amassing wax polish and dirt. The rich soft color is also a significant feature of antique furniture.


Revealing alterations include plugged holes, large pieces lessened in size, repositioned handles, freshly cut surfaces. Altered furniture is always less advantageous than genuine piece. Now that you know what to look for, the question is where to look for antique furniture?

After that, where can you hunt antique furniture?

Besides dealers or auctions, you can use newspapers to look over if anybody’s dealing in antique furniture. In this way, you might even come across an excellent bargain. In addition, you can find many sites on the internet that trade in antique furniture and get satisfactory bargains on antique furniture.

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