Balcony Garden Ideas

Balcony Garden Ideas

A Breath Taking Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden Ideas. A balcony garden can be a retreat and get away even if it is no more than 5 foot by 8 foot. For those who live in a condo or apartment, this may be the only place you have to garden. The trick to creating a breathtaking balcony garden is in the planning. Depending of course whether you have a wall or wrought iron railing around your balcony will make a difference in containers which you will use.

Let start out with the basics. Your balcony will not be a place to entertain on as you just don’t have the room. However, you will be able to fit a bench or a chair so you can sit outside and enjoy your garden. The idea is to grow as much as you can in a small space. But first, you must decide what you want to grow. Read also: Apartment Patio Ideas

Do you want a lot of flowering plants and some foliage or are you thinking of vegetables? Maybe you want an herb garden for your cooking needs. These are the decisions you will have to make. You do not get to have all the choice though. The location of your balcony will in part dictate what you can grow.

If you live on the north side of the building chances are that you will be using plants that will grow in part sun to shade. Traditionally the north side of a building receives the least amount of sun. The west side is good because it gets the afternoon sun and has plenty of sunlight for plants that need full sun but may not be suitable for plants that like shady conditions.

The south side of the building is usually sunny and can get hotter due to it’s constant exposure to the sun. The east side will receive morning sun and will be a good choice for most everything to grow. Of course, there are other considerations such as other buildings that are nearby that can block the sun all this should be taken into account as well.

Now that you have determined what growing conditions you have and the types of plants you want to grow it is time to design your space. As with any container garden, you must remember that the container is a vessel to hold the plant it does not necessarily need to be a pot. You can easily train vines to grow up a trellis using pots at the bottom to hold the plants. A bar can be attached to upright poles attached to the railings sort of like a shower curtain rod to hold hanging baskets.

Window boxes can be attached to the railings on both sides to hold a wide variety of plants and will leave space below for a mixture of low growing plants to maximize the space you have. Strawberry jars are an excellent choice for multiple plants in a single pot. The possibilities are endless left up to your own imagination. Be creative and use unconventional containers and methods in your garden.

Once you get started with your balcony garden you will be amazed out how inspiration will strike you in the layout of your garden. Gardens have a way about them that encourages you to be creative and imaginative when it comes to their design. As your garden develops you will change things and tweak things an add new elements. The best part of all is one sunny summer morning you will awaken and step out on the balcony, and suddenly it will hit you that it is so wonderful it could take your breath away and that you have created this.

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Apartment Patio Ideas

Apartment Patio Ideas

Patio Ideas For Your Life And Your Lifestyle

Apartment Patio Ideas. There are of course many different patio ideas for homeowners to choose from, and not every patio will be the right choice for every homeowner. After all, part of the beauty of a well-designed patio is the fact that it is a personal reflection of the taste, style, creativity, and originality of the man or woman who installs it. There is nothing quite as great as installing a patio for increasing your living space without the expense and hassle or building an additional room or home extension.

Finding the perfect patio ideas is not always the easiest endeavor, but there are plenty of places to turn to for assistance. There are of course plenty of patio ideas to be found in those home improvement magazines and guidebooks. These books and magazines can often be found at those large home improvement warehouses, as well as at traditional sources like bookstores and libraries.

In addition to these traditional publications, there is certainly no shortage of patio ideas to be found on the interest. There are a great many home improvement focused websites on the internet, and many of them have some great patio ideas. Some may even have complete plans for patios and patio enclosures for sale on their websites, as well as the furniture and accessories you need to make your patio truly a home in the great outdoors. Read also: Outdoor Patio Ideas Backyards

When choosing from these hundreds of patio ideas it is vital of course to take your lifestyle, and that of your family, into account. People use their patios for many different purposes, from formal entertaining to simply relaxing. It is important to consider what the primary purpose of the patio will be and to tailor your patio ideas to that use.

After you have found the perfect patio idea and built the perfect patio it is important that the furnishings and accessories you choose to provide a consistent overall look and feel. There are as many different kinds of patio furniture as there are kinds of patios, and it is important to choose the furniture that best meets your needs. Read: Amazing Patio Lighting Ideas

Of course, there are a number of things all patio furniture and accessories should have in common, including of course durability and weather resistance. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent brands of patio furniture designed to stand up to the rigors of outdoor use while still looking it’s very best.

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Apartment Decor On A Budget For Couples

Apartment Decor On A Budget For Couples

Interior decorating is an expensive hobby for anyone who has ever had to do it! From Pottery Barn to IKEA, Target to Bed, Bath and Beyond we are inundated with ‘cheap’ decorating options that still end up costing more money than we expected very quickly. Here are 5 ways to decorate your apartment on a budget without sacrificing style or quality.

1. Paint! If your landlord allows you to paint the walls, go crazy! Choose a wall to paint as an accent wall with your favorite bold color. Cheap but durable paint is available from most home improvement stores and you can make it stretch farther by cutting it with some water. If your apartment came furnished then you might want to consider matching you accent wall to those colors; if you are furnishing your own apartment, paint your belongings using a color palette that fits your space.

2. Organize- organization is key especially when moving into a smaller space than you are used to. While you may have to part with some of your belongings, do not fear- the rest can and will fit! Be sure to optimize the space you have by placing things very carefully; make sure chairs do not block walkways but that everyone still has a place to sit, and think outside of the box when it comes to the placement of a chair or lamp. Sometimes things you would not expect to go in a certain room might be perfect there!

3. Bring on the green- invest in a couple small house plants and stick a vase of flowers on a table or bookshelf. Plants really brighten up a space and bring life to it, even if it is small. Plus, it gives you something to watch grow and change and take care of!

4. Use what you have- part of decorating on a budget is using the things you already own in new and innovative ways. If you have a lot of scarves or fabrics, hang them from the walls or use paint sample cards to create a unique design if you are not allowed to paint. If you have a collection or hobby, display an example of that in a frame or on a wall to bring your new apartment personality. Use postcards, pictures, and other hang-able memories from your life to create a collage or interesting art piece on your wall that will attract the attention of people who visit.

5. Buy used- if you have to buy, buy it used. Good used kitchen goods, shelving and storage items, and other furnishings can easily be found at thrift stores or at a discount. If there is something you know you really want or need that you do not want to get used, feel free to splurge a little- you do want this to feel like home for however long you plan on living in this apartment.

Hopefully these tips are helpful and will allow you to make thoughtful, fun apartment decorating decisions! Remember, this is a fun time in your life, so enjoy the process.

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New Bedroom Ideas Apartment

New Bedroom Ideas Apartment

Decorating Ideas For Apartment Bedrooms

New Bedroom Ideas Apartment. The fresh and functional approach to decorating looks fun in any bedroom, but is especially suited to small bedrooms like those in modern apartments. It’s a cost-effective look that relies more on a lively imagination and a confident approach than on a generous budget.

The look draws from many varied sources, which is part of its charm. For example, you can combine office-style, high-tech lighting with Scandinavian-style pale wood furniture and ethnic woven rugs. The aim is to create a lively, comfortable space that’s practical, well organized, and easy to keep orderly, but with a youthful sense of fun.

Fresh, pale, solid-toned walls are the starting point for the apartment bedroom. As well as creating a restful ambiance, they provide an unobtrusive backdrop for colorful accessories. Inexpensive, simple furniture available from home-decorating stores suits the style’s streamlined look. Many pieces come in flat-pack, self-assembly form – practical when negotiating apartment elevators and narrow stairways. Where possible, opt for dual-purpose bedroom furniture, such as a dressing or bedside table, which doubles as a desk, and perhaps a sofa bed – you can then enjoy the room during the day as well as at night.

Creating the Look

Walls and ceiling: The smaller the room, the more important it is to use a light-reflective color. White walls are a good starting point and leave your choice of accent colors wide open. Continuing the wall color over the ceiling, especially in an attic bedroom, creates a sense of smooth-flowing space.

Though subtle paint effects such as color washing or sponging are suitable, avoid highly contrasting effects and fiercely patterned wallpapers – these can make an already small space seem claustrophobic. Larger bedrooms can take bold, solid but still light-reflective colors, such as rich yellow.

Windows: Window treatments continue the pale background theme or introduce bright color. Use streamlined, solid-colored or striped blinds on their own or combined with simple curtains or drapery, in pale or bright tones and plain or patterned, to soften the look.

Combine shades with net or muslin curtains for daytime privacy and to hide an unattractive view. Venetian blinds, with their razor-sharp, ruler-straight lines, add to the look; their adjustable slats give privacy and shade with a minimum loss of light. Plantation-style louvered shutters are equally suitable and could repeat the theme of louvered fitted wardrobes. To block out any traffic noises, make or purchase heavy, interlined curtains.

Floors: For a sleek, minimalist effect, go for stripped and polished pine floorboards or wood strip flooring. Add colorful rugs, with bold geometric or otherwise large-scale patterns, for visual interest and comfort, especially near the bed. For safety, put rugs on polished wood floors with non-slip underlays.

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