DIY Recycled Garden Art

DIY Recycled Garden Art

Explore the World of Garden Art

DIY Recycled Garden Art. World of garden art is just an extension of your home décor and can be organized in a lot more fun way than you can imagine.
Many garden stores have a range of garden accessories to choose from-sculptures, birdhouses wind chimes are only a few you can name. And the best thing is that you can always pick your own garden art which reflects your own taste and personality. All you need now is do what you want to do using creative Garden Art Ideas

Let’s check out some of the simplest stuff that you considered junk but could be surprisingly turned into one of the wackiest garden art you ever thought-


You must have always wondered what how to get rid of your old bathtub. It’s simple, you can turn it into a wonderful planter and plant all your favorite flowers in it. Also, you can turn your sink into a cute little planter by hanging it in your patio.


Try hanging out all your colorful wine bottles from the tree which make a sweet chiming sound in wind.

Broken Dishes-

Don’t worry if you’ve broken your favorite set of china dishes because you can always put them together to convert them into a mosaic stone or table top.

Kids Garden Crafts-

Gardening can prove to be a whole lot of inspiration for your kids as it just adds up to that creative streak in them and makes turn them into nature lovers.


Our modern garden experts are trying out sensational ideas in transforming our gardens into a new living room which is more than just a place to share a cup of tea. It can be turned into your very own outdoor art gallery where you can keep unique sculptures of Buddha, gnomes, flower fairies, angelic cherubs, fountains and a lot more.

Since it the holiday season so how about keeping with the flavor of the season and putting up some a wonderful Santa Claus statue with reindeer or the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus. Now, you also can start Garden Sculpture DIY Projects

Bird Feeders-

Planting some exciting bird feeders is another engaging way to turn your garden into a place of attraction. From simple stylish hanging gazebo bird feeders to shimmering swirls of copper bird feeder the choice before you is endless.

The world of garden art could also be explored using some interesting garden themes using your favorite garden accessories. Garden themes can be seasonal or based on the plants or animals one loves. It can also be based on colors, for instance growing plants of alternating shades.

Depending on your taste you can also choose a garden that comes alive at a certain time of the day for instance evening gardens could be created by using highlighting features with strategic lighting, fragrance and tinkling sound of water against the evening sky.

So explore these killer garden art ideas to make your garden one of your favorite places to hang out with your buddies, and wait till it gets on the A-list of hotspots to host that next big bash!

Now you can beautify your backyard or front yard garden using DIY Recycled Garden Art. It will make your garden looks more amazing and you will be more satisfied. For more interesting pictures, you can check the photos below! Enjoy your day!

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Wonderful Christmas Crafts for Preschool

Wonderful Christmas Crafts for Preschool

Fun and Easy Christmas Crafts to Make With Kids

Wonderful Christmas Crafts for Preschool. Christmas is one of the best times of the year for children. To make this season even more enjoyable, teach your kids some simple Christmas crafts that they can make and give as presents to their friends!

When helping a kid choose what Christmas crafts to make, first take into consideration the child’s age. Pre-schoolers usually require a lot of assistance and supervision; it is usually best to have them help out with smaller aspects of bigger craft projects.

For example, you can have them add sprinkles on Christmas tree designs or glue ribbons on Christmas wreaths. On the other hand, children who have already started school tend to be more independent and can usually do small Christmas crafts projects on their own. Read also: Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas 2018

Even older children, approximately 5 years old and up, enjoy socializing with other kids their age. For children around this age, you may want to host a Christmas craft get-together with your children’s friends or neighbors.

One of the simplest yet most special Christmas crafts to make is a personalized Christmas card. All you really need is a piece of construction paper and some scrap materials for designing the card. Help your child fold or cut the construction paper to his or her desired size. Allow them to design the card the way they want; give them the necessary materials, such as crayons or colored pens.

If they need inspiration, show them some common Christmas designs, such as Santa Claus, snowmen, Rudolph, angels, and Christmas trees, to name a few. Once they have finished designing the card, help them write their desired Christmas message inside the card. Finally, you can bring them to the post office to send the cards to relatives and friends!

Another Christmas craft you can make that your kids can participate in are tree ornaments and decorations. Christmas balls are incredibly easy to make and the creative possibilities are endless! All you need to do is pick up some Styrofoam or plastic balls (glass is fine with older kids) and have your kids paint them or use glue-and-glitter pens on them.

You can also use other shapes, such as stars or bells. You can also top the tree with a pinecone angel that your child has painted. Displaying these ornaments on the Christmas tree will make your child feel proud and have them see the Christmas tree in a whole new light! It’s a great way to boost your child’s self-confidence and encourage creativity.

Another Christmas craft to make is a Christmas snack. Cookies are very popular Christmas treats. Allow your kids to help with the preparation of the materials and the mixing of the ingredients. Once the dough is ready, let them shape the cookies into different figures. There are various cookie cutters available in the local supermarket that you can let them use. They can also mold the dough into 3-dimensional designs.

Once they’ve finished shaping the dough, bake the cookies in the oven. When the cookies have finished baking, allow them to add some final touches to the designs, such as candy eyes or a carrot nose. Once the snack is ready, you can package it and give it as presents, or you can share it with the entire family.

Christmas is the ideal time to showcase your child’s creativity and individualism and best of all? It’s the most wonderful time to spend bonding with your child.

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