Simply Shabby Chic Chandelier

Simply Shabby Chic Chandelier

Can a Shabby Chic Chandelier Really Give Your Room a New Look?

Simply Shabby Chic Chandelier. You’ve heard it a hundred times. The easiest way to redecorate a room is to give it a new coat of paint. But have you ever considered that you can change the entire look and feel of your room with lighting? Many people have discovered that installing a shabby chic chandelier can give a whole new personality to a dull, boring room.

One of the reasons that this unique light fixture is becoming so popular is that it can be functional, decorative or both!

It isn’t unusual to find the home decorating enthusiast at weekend flea markets or yard sales, scouring for charming old light fixtures that can be transformed into versatile treasures. They know that a simple rewiring of one of these coveted finds can create an exciting, main source of light, or a piece of decorative art by using fun items from a craft store.

But be on the lookout! Inspiration can come from the most unlikely places. Some people have created one of these charming chandeliers from everyday household items.

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How about using a metal colander with small Christmas lights inserted in the holes? Or take an old lampshade, cover it in a lovely shabby chic fabric and hang it over a regular light fixture. You can even go for high drama by using parts from two or three broken chandeliers to create an altogether new light fixture.

Part of the appeal of this unique style of decorating is that there are no limits to what your imagination and sense of fun can come up with. You CAN give your room an exciting new look simply by creating one-of-a-kind lighting effects.

Make no mistake about it! A shabby chic chandelier can help create an elegant living space that feels as good as it looks. For more details about how to transform your home with shabby chic style, please visit my web site.

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Rustic Bedroom Chandeliers

Rustic Bedroom Chandeliers

4 Reasons You Should Install Bedroom Chandeliers

Rustic Bedroom Chandeliers. Chandeliers have been commonly associated with big foyers, entrances, and dining rooms. Times have changed, and now you can find them in different rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, and even walk-in closets.

Bedroom chandeliers are a big trend nowadays, but you might be asking yourself “Why would I want to put one in there”. Here are some good reasons to do that.

Make your Bedroom Feel like a Royal Suite

Historically, chandeliers could only be found in the houses of the rich. They were a symbol of wealth and helped make the room they were in look more glamorous and elegant. When it comes to the bedroom, they will add an extra level of elegance and sophistication, making the room feel more like a royal suite inside a castle than just another regular room.

Whether you go with one big fixture in the middle of the room or several smaller ones, there is a certain type of glamour that shines through the room when you first enter it. A Central chandelier will often be the first thing noticed, making you look up in the room, followed by looking around, giving the impression of a grand room. On the other hand, well-placed smaller chandeliers will add to the décor and immediately provide you with an elegant feeling to the area they illuminate. Read also: Modern Pendant Lighting Bedroom

They are a Great Source of Lighting

The warm light of a chandelier can turn any boring bedroom into a dreamy and cozy refuge. For example, crystal chandeliers can reflect the light in beautiful ways, illuminating the room even further. In daylight, the sunlight rays hitting the crystals will reflect colored lights, giving the feeling of a rainbow within your room, providing a cozy and natural feeling.

In addition, they can be used for accent lighting purposes. You can draw attention to your bed with one hung above it, giving the room a romantic feeling centered on the bed. Perhaps you can hang a chandelier above a corner chair to make a cozy reading area.

Let’s not forget that you can also install a dimmer for your chandelier. This allows you to control the lighting to your liking in order to find the perfect level of brightness that suits you.

You can Easily Accessorize Them

Unlike many other décor pieces, chandeliers are easy to accessorize. This allows you to give new life to it at a whim, as well as allowing you to add a special personal touch to it. There are many choices for this, with lines of crystals or beads being the most popular. Imagine hanging some funky wooden beads to give the chandelier a bohemian look, or some glass colored beads to add some play on lighting. These are but a few examples. It’s all about your imagination and your tastes. Read: Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Chandeliers are a Good Investment

When you think about it, chandeliers have been in use for centuries, and they have never gone out of style. We currently live in a world where style is constantly changing, yet you have this one décor item that has stood the test of time. They have been used as decorative pieces since the medieval times (albeit with simple designs). Starting in the 15th century and then the 18th century, they started taking more complicated, intricate, and beautiful designs.

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Modern Pendant Lighting Bedroom

Modern Pendant Lighting Bedroom

Modern Pendant Lighting Bedroom. When it comes to decorating your house, the spare bedroom is often overlooked. They are seldom ever used and they tend to be the smallest room in the home making them difficult to decorate. Along with some basic furniture, the right kind of lighting and some decorating tips you can create an inviting space for all of your guests. The kind of lighting that you choose can help you to turn a small extra bedroom into a haven for your house guests.

Guest Room Lighting

As you are decorating your guest room, it is important to consider the type of lighting that you will be using. While most guest rooms are adorned with the traditional bedside table lamps as a way to add light to the room they aren’t the only way. A more unique and stylish design trend is to use pendant lights instead of the traditional table lamps. Decorating with pendant lights can immediately update the room while adding a touch of style. With a variety of pendant lights available to choose from you can provide your guests with a unique and comfortable place to stay. Read also: Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Space Savers

Along with being able to provide a unique lighting alternative, pendant lights also bring aesthetic value to your decorating efforts. They are also a great space saving solution for small spaces like a guest room. As it tends to be the smallest space in your home, utilizing the vertical space that it has to offer is an essential aspect when decorating. Pendant lights work great if you don’t want to add the extra frills such as side tables to your guest room.

More Room to Decorate

If you do decide to add side tables to your guest room, using pendant lights in place of traditional table lamps will free up more space for you to add more personal touches to space. You can instead add a vase full of fresh flowers to welcome your guests when they arrive, you could also add a collection of photographs, nic nacs or all of the above to the side tables.

With a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs there are endless possibilities when it comes to picking the perfect pendant light for your guest room. Whether you want to create a classic look in your guest room or something that is more minimalist, utilizing the vast variety of pendants available will help you to make your decorating ideas a reality. They can add color, texture and geometric visuals to any room, making pendants the perfect bedside lamp for your guest bedroom.

Good lighting is one of the most important elements in decorating. Knowing how much light you will need and what type will work best can help to create an environment that is pleasing for both your family and your guests. Even the smallest change in lighting, like adding pendant lights to your guest room, can make a dramatic change in your home design.

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Decorative Lights Outdoor

Decorative Lights Outdoor

Outdoor Decorative Lighting – Illuminate Your Home!

Decorative Lights Outdoor. Lighting is usually considered a functional part of the home, both indoor and outdoor. Porch lighting and other security lights that allow for safe passage from one area of the yard or driveway to the home’s entrance are considered necessary lighting installations. However, not all lighting is merely functional, there are many types of outdoor decorative lighting installations that are designed merely for their enhancement to the landscape.

Decorative lighting adds character and a decorative touch to the outdoor living area extending the personality of the home and its owner from the inside to the outside. The lighting scheme can be as complex or as simple as the designer wants it to be. Soft subtle lighting options can be used around patios and decks to allows guests enough light for socializing while more focused lighting can be used to highlight favorite garden flowers or trees. Read also: Covered Patio Lighting Ideas

Decorative outdoor lighting can be used to bring pools and ponds to life when the sun goes down. Water features are spectacular when the sun goes down with the use of floating or underwater light installations. This is also another example of how lighting is not necessarily installed for function but is designed to be a decorative, creative touch to the area.

When planning outdoor lighting plans that are meant to add charm and atmosphere to the landscape it is also possible to combine form with function. Pathway lighting can be decorative while also being a safety feature. Landscape stones with embedded lights are the perfect choice for a lighting option that is both a safety feature and a dramatic addition to the landscape plan.

Choosing lighting that has both form and function is an economical way to create a landscape design that goes beyond beauty and offers security and safety that is necessary for the home and its guests. Landscape architects are able to offer a complete analysis of the landscape and create a plan that is the perfect fit for the home. If the expense of the landscape architect is out of reach, the homeowner can design their own landscape lighting plan by simply following their landscape’s design and their own wishes.

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Gooseneck Barn Lights

Gooseneck Barn Lights

Gooseneck Lights – Provide a Unique Blend of Vintage Functional Design

Gooseneck Barn Lights. The advent of modern technology paves way for the evolution of various types of business, including hotels, restaurant, and famous resorts. Each of these commercial establishments is using various types of decorative ornaments to add color and life to the entire business area.

Gooseneck lights are among these exceptional decors that creates a wonderful and relaxing ambiance to the environment, which would surely provide a good avenue for business productivity and sales. Indeed, people would not only be enticed with fine food and excellent services but most of all by the perfect illumination brought about by gooseneck lighting.

For long years now, it has dominated the light making industry, which makes it more popular among its numerous users. Indeed, these types of light fixtures are a great way to complement any environmental scheme. The concentrated beams could likewise highlight menus, murals, or any graphical designs. More than that, restaurants and countless numbers of store owners have realized the important value of lively ambiance to potential customers. Read: Outdoor Lighting Ideas House

Some of the common restaurants in Baton Rouge such as Juban’s, Brunet’s Boutin’s and Drusilla’s restaurants have employed the concept of displaying gooseneck lights. In fact, visitors keep on coming back not only for its famous and delicious cuisine but also for its great atmosphere. Indeed, these light fixtures make it standouts among other types of businesses.

Moreover, these have been made available in various shades and shapes, which include Angle Shade, Emblem and Warehouse Shades. It has been made with a durable copper framework with hand rolled wired for better functionality and strength. Its arm extensions feature is made of top quality aluminum steel, which is coated with a black finish for a well – defined exterior finishing. Moreover, its arm extensions provide a vintage look, which makes the atmosphere more distinct and classy.

Moreover, the brass wall canopy or spun copper with durable mounting plates would surely make it more distinctive lighting style. In addition, Compact Fluorescent with Integral ballasts, Contemporary with Low Volt halogen Bullet Light, Elongated Angle Shade, Aluminum, Contemporary Sign Bracket Light, “La Curva”, and Metal Halide Gooseneck lights are among the prominent lighting fixtures that can provide colorful illumination. Likewise, it has its own distinguishable qualities that offer artistic transformation over time. In addition, this gooseneck outdoor lighting gives a unique accent to every outdoor wall, surfaces, and signs.

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Bathroom Vanity Lights

Bathroom Vanity Lights

Bathroom Vanity Lights: Tips Before Buying Vanity Bathroom Lights

Bathroom vanity lights are often overlooked in a bathroom. Artificial light from vanity bathroom lights and general lighting are important during hours when natural light is not available. Without good lighting, the decor and the personality of your bathroom cannot be developed properly. And since the day usually begins and ends with a trip to the bathroom, time spent there should be comforting, relaxing and easy to see when grooming.

Bathroom vanity lights typically include one light or perhaps two or more above the mirror. Or, there may be lights or sconces on each side of the mirror or medicine cabinet and one ceiling light or a row of recessed ceiling lights over the vanity, depending on the size of your vanity and mirror. Read also: Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Small Spaced Bathrooms

Make sure your bathroom mirror is evenly illuminated and free of shadows since this is where applying makeup, shaving and other grooming activities will take place. If you have two bathroom vanities, each one should have the same bathroom vanity lights setup.

You should have both ambient lighting and task lighting in the bathroom. Here are lighting types for providing artificial bathroom light:

  • Ambient Lighting – chandeliers, surface-mounted, bathroom vanity lights, wall sconces, and recessed fixtures are types of general lighting that illuminate the overall bathroom area. This type of illumination allows you to move around and see safely in the room. These types of bathroom light fixtures should be controlled by dimmers where you can change the intensity of the light for a relaxing feeling when you are soaking in the tub, for example. General ambient lighting gives your bathroom the most illumination towards the floor, but it will produce more glare than other types of bathroom light fixtures.
  • Task Lighting – is a direct beam of light that illuminates a particular area with very work-specific tasks, not intended to light the entire room. Task lighting can be a beam of light directed towards the reading area while in the tub, while shaving, reading, exercising on the treadmill, applying makeup or putting in your contact lenses. It can be turned on only when you need it. Use wall sconces on both sides of the mirror or medicine cabinet as bathroom vanity lights so that you benefit from lighting from both sides.
  • Accent Lighting – these types of bathroom light fixtures are intended to create a certain visual drama and atmosphere in the bathroom, and they provide focus to selected details of the room for a decorative touch. Consider using track lighting to spotlight decorative objects or to provide a relaxing environment that you’ll enjoy when soaking in the tub.
  • Decorative Lighting – these are lighting fixtures that draw attention to themselves as objects and they are used to create an effect. Chandeliers, candles (traditional and electric), fireplace, candelabra, and low voltage pendant fixtures are examples of decorative lighting.

Always choose light bulbs for bathroom vanity lights that provide light in the natural daylight spectrum. Bulbs that are mostly yellow or white will not show you how you will appear outside the bathroom, which makes applying makeup more difficult.

You should have many options for your bathroom vanity lights. Just as a luxurious soaking bath is a great way to begin or end the day, the lighting in your bathroom should provide you that warm, cozy feeling when you want. And when you need to see while grooming or shaving, vanity bathroom lights and lighting should make it easy to see. Read: Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

If you find yourself unsure of how to proceed, consider consulting with a lighting designer to assist you in creating the best lighting for your home. Read and learn as much as you can about bathroom vanity lights and home lighting. Good lighting planning, design, and implementation will provide you enjoyable, practical and dramatic effects for your bathroom and your home in general.

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Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Contemporary Bathroom Light

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas. Lighting for bathrooms is very important for maintaining the ambiguity or the aesthetic appeal of one’s bathroom. There are different varieties of lighting fixtures that are available to be used in bathrooms. The fitting of these lighting fixtures depends upon the space available in the bathroom, i.e. the size of the bathroom and the color combination of the tiling used in the bathrooms.

There are usually multiple lighting fixtures that are used in bathrooms these days. It is due to the fact that the bathrooms are quite spacious and require one lighting just above the mirror so that there is no shadow casting or reflection from the light, one used for the flush area and a separate one for the shower zone.

These days it has become a fashion to use small chandeliers in the bathroom that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bathrooms making them look bigger and brighter.

There are different types of lighting that are available according to an individual’s need. It may be fit to the modern room or if a person is very particular in using contemporary lighting he has a wide variety for that also.

People these days tend to give a cosmopolitan touch to it by using contemporary fittings. This adds freshness to it and also gives a clean and better look to it when compared to the conventional lightings that are generally used. It is generally seen that the contemporary lights provide the room with more lighting and makes it look bigger and brighter.

The modern lights tend to give a cluttered look and thereby are not preferred by many these days. But it is recommended that for small bathrooms, the modern light fittings would be the best choice since contemporary ones may not go with the size and look of the small bathrooms.
Contemporary bathroom lights are best recommended for spacious, wide and huge bathrooms where they would add glamour and appeal to the bathroom thus making it brighter.

Generally, nobody can make a choice before actually seeing the bathroom properly. It means that if your bathroom is well lit, and has ample of natural light, use of contemporary bathroom lights and multiple lights may not be required at all since that would be like adding fitment in the bathroom for no use.

But it is very much recommended in case of big bathrooms where the natural light is not sufficient enough to light up the bathroom in a proper way, for which the use of contemporary bathroom lights is preferred.

It is always recommended that for ensuring that you go with proper fitment for your bathroom, be it modern, conventional or contemporary it is better to take the advice of an interior decorator who would be in a better position to guide you in choosing the best range of bathroom lights for your bathroom. This would definitely add value to the bathroom lights brought since they would be utilized at a proper place in a proper way.

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