Modern House Designs Pictures Gallery

Modern House Designs Pictures Gallery

Modern House Designs Pictures Gallery. Modern house design trends are especially visible in duplexes that have been remodeled from older dwellings – a two-story apartment in a historic building can receive a new lease on life, thanks to a few well-added design touches here and there. If you dream of the most elegant accommodation your city can offer, why limit yourself to a single story condo? Be inspired by previous designs, buy two apartments located one on top of the other and create your perfect duplex. There are plenty of successful such homes out there to inspire you.

This Just In from Stockholm: Duplexes Rule!

As a rule, Swedish capital Stockholm is a great source for inspiring designs in general and posh duplexes in particular. In the Stockholm suburb of Ostermalm, for instance, a 125 square meter duplex renting at a little over EUR3,000 per month perfectly illustrates modern house design principles. It makes heavy use of various tones of white, to create the impression of space.

There is a wonderfully vintage fireplace in the day area, and the lofted upper level features apparent wooden beams that make the rooms feel vertically endless. However, the home does have a striking personality, achieved by employing lots of colorful décor details, from rugs to vases to art.

Also in the Swedish capital, and also capitalizing on the use of white to achieve a spacious feel for an otherwise averagely sized home, this modern house design in Normalm is impressive for its spiraling floating staircase, sleek furnishing, and cozy feel. It was remodeled from an older home, as it stands in a 19th-century building at the heart of the city’s historic district. The current owners chose to preserve the vintage feel, while also enriching it with plenty of contemporary technologies and designs, so as to ensure the tenants all the comfort of an up-to-date lifestyle.

Duplexes provide the awesome advantage of being mindful to the widespread phenomenon of overcrowding. By not occupying too much space horizontally, but expanding skywards, they enable the intelligent use of living space. To boot, they often provide their inhabitants with a great view of the city skyline and chic little balconies and terrace, where one can enjoy one’s morning coffee, safely above the bustle of the waking city.

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Modern Kitchen Designs Photo Gallery

Modern Kitchen Designs Photo Gallery

Modern Kitchen Designs: Simplicity And Functionality Rolled Into One

Modern Kitchen Designs Photo Gallery. One of the few home improvements that not only add value to your home as well as functionality in modern kitchen designs. Whether you are simply doing a minor upgrade or completely re-furbishing your kitchen the end result will be enjoyed and used every day. Up-to-date kitchens are in great demand and are very popular nowadays. When you are planning either a complete makeover or simply want to enhance your kitchens use there are certain features that should definitely not be overlooked.

Technologically advanced appliances are some of the most popular things you will find in an up-to-date kitchen. Hobs with their smooth lines and cooking surfaces not only look good but are so simple to clean as well. The advancements made in refrigerators’ and freezers and with the different options available such as; compartments that can self-adjust according to the specific contents of a given section.

New convection style ovens that are usually self-cleaning and can handle virtually any cooking scenario, they also have a more functional design than the older ones. You will notice that most of the appliances in today’s modern kitchen are made from a stainless steel finish, that is not to say that they are not available in a variety of colours and no longer restricted to the still popular black and white.

Something else you will always find with kitchen designs is the simplistic lines yet tasteful designs of the furniture. Modern kitchen furniture has very few if any curves and certainly no unnecessary frills involved. This results in a kitchen that has a very clean look to it to which the appliances lend themselves too.

Kitchen cabinets will follow the same simplistic lines which increase the functionality. Modern kitchen design has more emphasis on the kitchens use rather than the useless add-ons that you can find in some kitchens. These clean looking modern kitchens will not have so many items sitting on the worktops; they have usually stashed away inside the cabinets.

Probably one of the things that stand out the most in a modern kitchen style is the simplicity of the decor. Although colours will be down to the individual’s personal choice and can vary, there will normally be only one or two colours involved. A kitchen with a lot of different colours tends to look too “busy”, so the use of only one or two colours gives it a clean uncluttered look. Most people going for the modern feel will simply use just one colour and this will be reflected in the appliances as well. Black is still the more popular colour you will find in modern kitchens but as already stated this is down to the individuals own preferences.

There are a lot of different ways in which a kitchen can be brought up to date, but the main emphasis should be on making the kitchen a more functional space. The clean looks that modern kitchen designs afford are increasingly popular and can only be a wise investment for any homeowner. The main benefit of a modern kitchen is its functionality which makes it the ideal for anyone that has a smaller kitchen. There is no end to the different types of materials that can be utilized in a modern kitchen; you will even find some kitchen design companies that deal solely in this type of make-over.

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Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern Bathroom Design: Some Useful Tips

Modern Bathroom Designs. Bathrooms are not just bathrooms anymore and some principles of modern bathroom need to be incorporated in designing a bathroom space using a modern design. Modern bathroom design has lines that are bold and clean, décor to a minimum and the use of white color abundantly. The bathroom in today’s world is not just a place to do what is typically done in a bathroom but also a room that is elegant as well. In designing a modern bathroom, the following are the tips that may be followed.

Tips and Tricks for a modern bathroom design

Clean Lines

Lines that are clean play a role that is significant in the décor of the bathroom and it is important to consider the outer shape of the windows, mirror, countertop, etc and ensure that they match with each other. Typically, outer lines that are wavy may be ruled out since they are not common in the design of modern bathrooms.

It is important to emphasize or pick ovals or horizontal straight lines and use them for a clean and bold look. A more subtle and harmonious and subtle look is provided by using ovals. To match the lines, one can use a countertop that is rectangular, a sink that is rectangular or square, a horizontal mirror that is large, etc and add lines to the bathroom that are horizontal. When going the oral route, a window sill that is oval in shape can be aligned with the bathtub, curved countertop, mirror, etc to go with the scheme.


With color, being a minimalist or going for a look that is minimal is key and when picking a scheme with two colors, for spaces that smaller it is recommended to pick white and a color such as bamboo green, light aqua, soft green, wooden, etc to go with the white. For a bathroom that is on the larger scale, shades that are darker as in blacks, purples, reds, grays, etc can be selected.

The bathroom may feel closed in when using patterns. However, for a bathroom that is medium or large in size, the ceiling may be painted or one wall may be painted with designs in interior paint or tiles with designs on them may be used. Addition of more patterns can bring about a design that is reflective of mid-century modern style.


A very important role in the design of small bathrooms in a modern way is lighting since it can be used to create a place that is lit well. The best choices for lighting in bathrooms are lights that are white or off-white in color. For a space that is small, it is recommended to keep the countertop clear of light fixtures and have simply a small lamp. If the bathroom is large, ceiling lights that are small and in any color may be added to the ceiling in addition to light fixtures that are colored to bring ambiance to the bathroom. For natural light, a skylight may be used.

Less is More

The principle of modern bathroom design is that less is more and it means that lesser numbers of items are to be used in the decoration of the space. For bathrooms that are smaller in size, it is good to keep the countertop clear of items and if not, have the least number of items on it. The use of a bathroom light that is white in color, bamboo plants that are considered lucky and some wooden mats are good. The use of hanging sinks in the bathroom in place of pedestal sinks is an alternative that works well in creating more room. Compactness, similarly, in the design elements that are used is important.

Space that is uncluttered

Clutter creates a feeling of chaos and it is advised to have a bathroom that is clear of clutter and has shelves under the counter for storage. It is possible to have mirrors on the cabinets in bathrooms and in front of the sink for the sake of keeping brushes, toothpaste and other sorts of accessories. The use of a wooden shelf that is very small just outside a bathroom that is very small works really well and whatever is needed can be picked up while using the bathroom.

The above was a discussion about the design of modern bathrooms and it is possible to have a beautifully designed and decorated bathroom by making use of these tricks and tips.

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Rustic Country Furniture Ideas

Rustic Country Furniture Ideas

Choosing Rustic Oak Furniture – A Buyer’s Guide

Rustic Country Furniture. Rustic style never really goes out of fashion, but the good news for oak enthusiasts is that it’s back in vogue for home furnishings. Not only a robust and attractive choice for your dining set or coffee table, but rustic oak furniture is also making the magazines for its full bedroom collections and cozy Cotswold kitchen ranges.

But with so much great furniture to choose from, both online and offline, how do you know what to look out for when you’re buying rustic oak? Especially for first time buyers, choosing oak furniture can be a little daunting when you consider the investment you are making, both in terms of money and its longevity. This article aims to give you a brief overview of your rustic oak furniture options so that you are able to choose the perfect country oak for your home.

Rustic oak furniture allows you to create a delightfully cozy atmosphere in your home. Of course, there are still different styles and designs to choose from and it’s useful to know what kind of thing you’re looking for. You can go for wonderfully chunky pieces with iron fixings for a heavier old oak feel. If you’re aiming for a charismatic country feel, check out the Brooklyn Reclaimed Oak range as well as the Fiona Dark Oak collection.

Solid oak furniture such as the Santana set is a great halfway point between heavy rustic oak and contemporary, featuring stunning grain and darker tones offset by contemporary chrome handles. On the other hand, you might wish to opt for lighter oak collections like the Brooklyn Oak or Vancouver Oak ranges which offer simple, elegant style for a feel that says country cottage with a modern twist. Before you commit to buying anything, spend some time searching online for the different rustic oak furniture options so that you can get a feel for your tastes.

Another point to take into consideration when looking at the style you want is wood coloring. Clearly, this relates to the final character of your furniture and you can choose from pale American and Russian oaks to dark English oak, or even reclaimed oak furniture, which can offer added charisma and appeal. You will want to buy oak furniture that fits with the room that you are buying for; darker woods may feel oppressive in a small room but look amazing in a bigger setting, while pale oak collections in the kitchen can create a lovely light and airy feel.

Naturally, the finish brings out the color and grain of the furniture and will deepen it. Some waxes can create a fabulously warm, honey-colored surface that you might fall for in an instant, while another furniture is coated with light teak oil that brings oak the grain without changing the wood tone very much.

Of course, you’re also going to want to take into consideration the pricing and quality of the furniture. The rustic oak is naturally robust and offers excellent durability, but like everything else in this world, you get what you pay for. Look for quality manufacturing with solid handles and fixings and dovetailed jointing. Consider how much you are willing to spend and shop around both offline and in stores to get the best deal for your money. Although oak furniture looks expensive at first, when you factor in the decades it can last beyond other furniture, you may find that it will end up costing you a lot less in the long run. Look for oak furniture which will be easy to refinish so that you can increase its longevity and make it even more cost-effective.

The cardinal rule when it comes to buying oak is to do some research and shop around. Know what kind of furniture style and coloring you’re looking for and ask for recommendations. Choose something that will suit your home, your tastes, and your budget and you’ll be enjoying it for many decades to come.

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Wonderful Potted Plant Arrangement Ideas

Wonderful Potted Plant Arrangement Ideas

Plant Containers – Ideas on the Best Containers For Beautiful Plant Displays

Wonderful Potted Plant Arrangement Ideas. Here’s how to create containers or potted plant of show-stopping blooms for your patio, deck, and porch.

Plant Containers can be created from things you would otherwise throw away and this activity, therefore, has the double appeal of creating an attractive flower display while at the same time going green!

I have found that planting in old ice buckets or flour or sugar containers or pots and pans or even old boots or children’s toys like wagons and doll cribs, produces an amazing effect. I love to put these out on the front of the house and see the number of adults and children that smile and comment to their friends as they pass. The fun is in the looking.

Sometimes the plant may be a little top heavy and unstable depending on the plant variety, but most of the time there is no problem. In fact, when I first started I was disappointed to find that midway through the flowering season the plants lost their vigor. I gardening friend soon pointed out to me that I was not fertilizing. Plants in containers won’t thrive if you don’t fertilize. If you find this job too time-consuming, there’s an easy way to do it: just mix slow-release fertilizer pellets into the top layer of potting soil.

You can also create wonderful multi-layered flow display by putting additional planting in hanging containers or by raising the containers to allow drainage on forms and tables. Just make sure that you have devised a watering access strategy for the higher hanging baskets though or you will strain your arms stretching up to water, and quite possibly make yourself wet while doing it to the bargain!

If you don’t have containers that you can recycle, any type of clay planter pots that have drainage holes in the bottom and “saucers” to keep the soil from washing away, will work just fine; pick a size that fits the area you intend to grow your display blooms and how many containers you have. My local garden center sells a 2O Inch Oval Planter is 6 1/2 inches tall from the bottom of the saucer and about 9 1/2 inches at the broadest point. It holds four or five annuals or small herbs or two large ones and takes 2 gallons of soil. I have obtained outstanding results from plants growing in this manner.

Another tip is to make an arrangement of plants in your basket at the garden center before you buy. You may see the other shoppers looking rather strangely at you, but why not? You’ll easily find out whether the combination of colors/leaf textures, and growth habits, plus blooms will work together. Remember, if you cannot make up your mind on what pot would suit the plant, experiment, and don’t be afraid to try something original. You can always re-post the following year into a more preferred style. I find that a wide-based and tall container can be placed as a contrast, with larger plants to be a focus rather than a background.

In situations where my house plants have obviously had the attention of some leaf munchers, I isolate them in a plastic bag with a no-pest strip overnight. That procedure usually works quite well for me.

If you experiment you will learn how to do intensive gardening in small areas. Moveable containers such as pots and tubs really are so flexible that all the year round your display can look neat and trim.

In dim areas or near entryways, try using warm colors (reds and oranges). They grab attention and can be seen from farther away. When planting in exposed or public areas, heavy concrete tubs have the added advantage of discouraging anyone from “accidentally” walking off with your prized plants or pots. Concrete planters can be left outside over the winter in frost prone areas without harm, which is good since you’re probably not going to want to move them. Take care with clay though as one sharp and intense frost can cause many of the unglazed types to fall apart within 3 months.

Wood containers are also suitable. I do not recommend wine or whiskey barrels as they are too shallow and fall apart with the first transplant. Traditional cottage style wooden planters are some of my favorites. Some garden centers sell faux lead containers, and reformed granite planters, some of which offer simple antique rustic looks, and others have period style sophistication.

Planting flowers in containers add immediate color and liveliness to your yard. They are great for adding color to a spot in a garden that ‘needs something,’ and they can be moved around for when you are entertaining in a certain area.

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Landscaping around Pool with Rocks

Landscaping around Pool with Rocks

Five Creative Ideas for Landscaping With Rocks

Landscaping around Pool with Rocks. Landscaping around pool or water feature with rocks is a great way to give your yard a unique appeal. Whether you enjoy spending time outside or you’re just looking for a little extra curb appeal, landscaping with stones is the ticket to creating a space that stands out. In some cases, you may even find that landscaping with stones provides the answer to some landscape challenges you didn’t know how to solve. Here are five creative ways for you to incorporate landscaping with rocks into your outdoor space.

Build a wall. This may seem like a very simplistic way to do landscaping with rocks, but there are a few reasons you may want to consider this. If you need a retaining wall to strengthen a part of your yard, this is a way to really make it add to your yard’s appeal rather than detract from it. You may also want to consider a stone wall for your garden or as a unique form of fencing.

Make a rock garden. Rock gardens aren’t just about laying a bunch of stones out in your yard and calling it a garden. There are numerous rock garden plans that will create a space, unlike anything your neighbors have.

Decorate a tree. Sometimes landscaping with stones is a great way to incorporate an unusual feature around a tree in your yard. This is the perfect answer if the tree is so large that nothing will grow under it. Also, it saves you the weekly challenge of trying to mow under that tree.

Go for unique water features. Landscaping with stones doesn’t just have to create dry decor for your outdoor space. It’s also a great way to bring the softness of water into the area. Get creative with your in-ground pool or create a cascading waterfall or fountain. There’s no limit to what you can do.

Create stone pathways. For unique curb appeal or even to build texture into your backyard, use the stone to create pathways rather than just paving them with cement. If you happen to live in a subdivision where all the houses look the same, this is a great way to make your home look different from all the others.
Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do in landscaping for rocks. For even more ideas, consider hiring a professional. They will help you create a custom design for landscaping with rocks and make your landscape more beautiful.

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Simply Shabby Chic Chandelier

Simply Shabby Chic Chandelier

Can a Shabby Chic Chandelier Really Give Your Room a New Look?

Simply Shabby Chic Chandelier. You’ve heard it a hundred times. The easiest way to redecorate a room is to give it a new coat of paint. But have you ever considered that you can change the entire look and feel of your room with lighting? Many people have discovered that installing a shabby chic chandelier can give a whole new personality to a dull, boring room.

One of the reasons that this unique light fixture is becoming so popular is that it can be functional, decorative or both!

It isn’t unusual to find the home decorating enthusiast at weekend flea markets or yard sales, scouring for charming old light fixtures that can be transformed into versatile treasures. They know that a simple rewiring of one of these coveted finds can create an exciting, main source of light, or a piece of decorative art by using fun items from a craft store.

But be on the lookout! Inspiration can come from the most unlikely places. Some people have created one of these charming chandeliers from everyday household items.

Read also: Rustic Bedroom Chandeliers

How about using a metal colander with small Christmas lights inserted in the holes? Or take an old lampshade, cover it in a lovely shabby chic fabric and hang it over a regular light fixture. You can even go for high drama by using parts from two or three broken chandeliers to create an altogether new light fixture.

Part of the appeal of this unique style of decorating is that there are no limits to what your imagination and sense of fun can come up with. You CAN give your room an exciting new look simply by creating one-of-a-kind lighting effects.

Make no mistake about it! A shabby chic chandelier can help create an elegant living space that feels as good as it looks. For more details about how to transform your home with shabby chic style, please visit my web site.

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