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Garden Sculpture DIY Projects

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Garden Sculpture DIY Projects

DIY Garden Yard Art

Garden Sculpture DIY Projects. When creating your own garden yard art, recycled and upcycled materials can be the perfect place to start. If you want a creative way to show off your potted plants or flowers, find an old wooden chair. Paint it using bright colors that compliment the plants, and you have an eye-catching potted plant display.

For a whimsical touch, drag out that old wooden wagon that has been sitting in the garage collecting dust. You can add some paint if you absolutely have to, but the true beauty lies in its vintage look. Find a spot in your garden and add some of the potted plants you want to make sure everyone notices, and you have an instant showcase for those beautiful flowers you worked so hard on. Read also: Garden Ideas Backyard Landscaping

The best part of recycled yard art is the ability to create a unique space that is all your own. If you want to create a theme based garden, look around and find things that match your theme. You can use sculptures of cats mixed with cattails for a feline-inspired haven, or you can use old farm equipment for a down on the farm feel. Just place your decorations where you like and add plants and shrubs around them to create interesting focal pieces.

If you have decided to throw out your old headboard, why not use it as a garden gate? Simply add some hinges and you have an instant gate that also doubles as garden yard art.

Old newel posts are a great way to add accents to your garden. You can dress them up with some paint, or leave them natural to accent a vintage inspired garden.

You know that unsightly old stump in the middle of your yard. Rather than trying to hide it, use some outdoor paint and add a checkerboard to the center. Now you have a great place to meet with friends and play a few games, and a unique piece of garden yard art to boot. Read also: Stone Raised Garden Beds

If you love your birdbaths but wish they had more visual appeal, use them to create mosaics. Glue broken pieces of tile and stones around the bottom and edges of the bowl. Once you add water you have homemade yard art that sparkles and shimmers all day long.

If you want a unique way of decorating your old shed, find old birdhouses and attach them to one side. You can use just a few, or cover the entire thing to invite some feathered friends.

Homemade garden yard art is a great way to add the perfect details to your garden, without spending tons of money. Just take a walk through your garage, or visit your neighborhood yard sales to find some interesting pieces to use for inspiration.

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