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Beautiful Terrarium Ideas

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Beautiful Terrarium Ideas

What Is A Terrarium?

Beautiful Terrarium Ideas. A terrarium is essentially an enclosed environment for growing plants. They are usually made of clear glass or plastic and come in all shapes and sizes, from mini-terrariums for individual miniature plants, windowsill sized terrariums right up to large terrariums where you can create an extensive habitat.

Once established the environment in a terrarium requires only minimal maintenance. The system recycles moisture through the processes of evaporation and condensation. Due to this recycling of water or enclosed water cycle, the terrarium may not require watering for months or even years in some cases. Read also: Fairy Garden Ideas

The sustainability of a terrarium environment makes them great projects for kids, handy for forgetful people who cannot remember when to water and fantastic for non-green fingered individuals. You can buy ready-made kits (great for gifts and kids) these come with all the required materials and instructions to set up a fully functioning terrarium. For kids, they can be bought themed: Diego, Dora the Explorer, Backyardigans and SpongeBob Squarepants for example. There are a dinosaur and fairy themed terrariums.

Terrariums can be used to illustrate different environments such as desert, tropical, temperate or just to grow herbs. The options are limited only by your imagination as you could design your own terrarium from scratch using an empty terrarium case and reading an excellent reference book or doing some online research. Read: Halloween Fairy Garden

You will be able to find out which plants to use, what substrate they will need for growing. The most commonly used substrates are common soil, small pebbles, sand, peat, chips of various trees, wood mulch, vegetable fibers (or coconut for example), or a combination of them.

Many terrariums are used to house and display animals (particularly tropical species) with the addition of a heat and light source. Animals suited to enclosed and controlled terrariums include but are not limited to: reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders, scorpions and even small birds. Some of the most common plants used in terrariums include Pilea (Aluminium plant), Ardisia, Podocarpus (Buddhist pine), Aeschynanthus (Lipstick plant), Baby Tears, very small ferns, miniature African violets, coffee plant, Creeping Charlie, Boxwood, Creeping Fig, mosses and many more. Read also: Scarecrow Ideas

Terrariums are an excellent educational resource as they can be used to help young scientists understand the water cycle, plant growth, different habitats, photosynthesis and more. Ideal for science projects, homeschool activities or for teachers to use in science classes. A great aspect is that beginner terrariums do not need to be expensive.

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