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Garden Bench Ideas

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Garden Bench Ideas

Garden Bench Ideas. Having a garden bench in your yard can pay off in many ways. First of all, it adds a certain style to the place which combined with other garden elements may improve the overall design and feel. But, style and design are not all that you get with garden benches. With them, you are buying your own sense of calm. As someone did say this is a piece of heaven to enjoy it.

First, you need to do is choose a nice place to put a garden bench. That may be some secluded corner surrounded by striking flowers, or shade of a big tree in the center of your garden. If you do have a tree with a wide base, you can consider setting a bench circularly around it. Options are many but either way, better think this one through wisely. Read also: Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

After choosing a good placing you need to think about materials used for building garden benches. Wood is the most obvious and most used choice. My personal preference would be cedar or teak wood, although you can go with mahogany, for example, which is a little more expensive solution. A number of quality choices is endless.

You can’t make mistake going with either on them. Iron is another possibility but notes that iron can rust and therefore is a much better solution if your bench is intended for indoors rather than for outdoors. Nevertheless, these two can make a lovely combination. Wrought iron details can add splashing style and a touch of sophistication to your garden.

After you hit the stores, both regular and on the Internet, in search for garden benches, you will stumble only on serial production items. Finding a unique and original specimen will be almost impossible. Don’t get me wrong; owning a good bench has nothing to do with its originality. But in case you want to have something entirely fresh you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle situation. Read: Garden Sculpture DIY Projects

That is why there are stores that offer to build of custom garden benches. In general, these will be more expensive but not necessarily. It all depends on a design that you had in mind. Carpenters are ready to accommodate to a number of different ideas. The more complicated the design and details to realize the price will be higher.

You can select a lot of different features, like having an arm rest, high bench back to lean on or even the roof which can provide protection from the sudden rain or burning sun. If you’re building a tree bench, you may request it to be done in some other shape than circular, like a hexagon, for example. Options are many and nothing is impossible.

In the end, it all comes down to what you really need. The question is: are you buying a garden bench purely for enjoyment or you want to make a statement and give your garden a cause to brag about? I bet that your wallet will definitely praise the first option more. I like my benches to be unique, that is why I like the option of ordering a custom piece.

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