Designing A Rock Garden
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Designing A Rock Garden

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Designing A Rock Garden

Designing A Rock Garden – What You Should Know

Designing A Rock Garden. The design should suit the situation. On the sloping ground, you can build a natural-looking outcrop or a series of terraces, or a combination of the two for a very large rockery. On a level site a more acute outcrop, with strata lines at a 45-degree angle, can work well, or choose a series of flattish stones to create a pavement effect with horizontal strata lines.

Careful planning is essential. Mark out the site using string and improve drainage if necessary, if you have heavy soil this may mean digging a hole 12 inches deep, half-filling it with rubble, and covering it with a layer of sharp sand before topping with good quality, free-draining topsoil mixture. Read also: Rockery Design for Small Gardens

If practicable start at the bottom of the slope and build in layers. Choose the best-looking stone to start building your rockery and position it in the middle so that the strata lines angle gently back into the ground.

About one-third of the stone will be underground, so you will have to scoop out a hole to accommodate it. Then add stones on either side so that the strata lines fall away at exactly the same angle.

Make sure that each stone is set firm before positioning the next by ramming soil around the rock. Repeat the process for each layer of the rockery, and then fill any gaps with a free-draining mixture consisting of equal parts of good quality topsoil, peat or peat substitute, and coarse grit. Read: Garden Ideas Backyard Landscaping

Then plant and mulch the surface with stone chippings to match the rocks used in the rockery. Next, I will share with you how to plant a rock garden. Position the plants while still in their pots so that you can see how they look and adjust if necessary. Alpines are a good choice of plant for a rock garden.

Use a trowel to take out a hole a little larger than the root ball. You can buy narrow trowels that are particularly useful for planting in the crevices between rocks. Make sure that the plant is at the correct depth, then trickle gritty soil around the roots and firm it well.

Finish off by covering the exposed surface with more grit to improve drainage and protect leaves from splashing mud. Rock gardens are perfect for growing a selection of alpine plants. Careful planting of the bog garden will help to make a subtle transition to the wider garden. Read: Stone Raised Garden Beds

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