Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas 2018
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Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas 2018

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Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas 2018

Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas 2018. Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed Christmas. It’s one of those holidays which can be enjoyed not only on an actual day but for weeks and even months prior.

When I was a child my two favorite parts of Christmas were opening my presents, and decorating the Christmas tree. I always had loads of Christmas tree decorating ideas and I was lucky enough that every year my parents would buy a big, fresh, natural tree for my brother and me to decorate.

I think these days too many people are concerned with the natural tendency of Fir trees to shed their needle-like leaves. It has to be said that trying to clean up the leaves in January is an annoyance, those leaves can be really tough to pull out the carpet and can be surprisingly painful to stand on, but it really is worth it. Artificial trees don’t have that wonderful Fir smell to them that covers you head to toe when you’re decorating it with baubles and tinsel. Read also: Artificial Christmas Wreaths Decorated

Whichever tree you decide to get there are going to be pros and cons, however, when it comes to decorations you can be sure that whatever you buy or make will work with either tree. Now I’m sure you have your own Christmas tree decorating ideas and I hope I manage to cover your favorites, but if I don’t just realize that there are so many things you can do it’s impossible to cover them all.

Baubles come in all shapes and sizes, my own preferences are the star and ball-shaped ones. You can get baubles very cheaply and due to their bright glow will make a big impact on any tree even when used sparingly. If you have placed your tree on a hard surface make sure to get plastic baubles. I used to use some very fragile ones and it was heartbreaking to hear them smash on the floor.

Tinsel is the “decorate anything” at Christmas time material. Seriously you can use it on plates, hats, doors, and even people. It is incredibly versatile which makes it great for the tree. Just get a few lengths of it and start wrapping it around in any way you please.

Chocolate was one of my favorite decorations, as I knew that when Christmas was over I would be getting to eat some of it. These days chocolate comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Make sure that you don’t get some that may weigh down the branches of your tree and fall off, while broken chocolate isn’t that bad it can take other decorations with it.

Christmas tree lights are a necessity so get some good ones. If you can put nothing else on the Christmas tree then put lights on it. If you can, try to get lights that flash as they are a much better Christmas mood enhancer than those that don’t. Read also: Christmas Home Decor

This time of year you can pick up Christmas tree decorating ideas from just about anywhere, they’re on TV, in magazines and soon you’ll see them popping up in people’s windows. I hope this article gives food for thought and that everyone everywhere has a great Christmas.

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