Covered Patio Lighting Ideas
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Covered Patio Lighting Ideas

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Covered Patio Lighting Ideas

Patio Lights and Outdoor Lighting

Covered Patio Lighting Ideas. Whether your potential living space is expanded by a masonry patio or a wooden deck, you can increase its functionality and appeal by the use of what is generically referred to as patio lighting. Available in hardwired low voltage styles or as solar-powered units, these versatile lights come in several different configurations.

Either way, by lighting the outside living space around your home, you can add an element of safety and security not to be had in the blackness of night. Low voltage patio lights must be attached to the household electrical current by means of wires. Read also: Amazing Patio Lighting Ideas

This requirement complicates their installation, but such lights have the advantage of being somewhat brighter, in general than solar-powered lights, and they will not dim as the night wears on.

Solar patio lights must be located where the sun can shine brightly on them for at least several hours a day, but they require no wiring unless several lamps are joined together in what is referred to as patio string lights.

Some people get double duty from their holiday lights as a way of patio lighting. The increasingly popular icicle lights which provide illumination by means of light-emitting diodes (LED’s) draw very little current. Thus they can be left on overnight even when the deck or patio is not in use as a means of providing security. They will provide enough light to allow anyone to see persons lurking around the area, but not so much light as to raise the ire of the neighbors with light pollution.

What is generically referred to as patio lighting is not, of course, necessarily limited to use on the patio or deck? Some creative souls like to put the lights in among the plantings in the yard as a means of highlighting particular shrubs are flower beds. Read: Best Outdoor Led Christmas Lights

By using solar-powered lights, the lamps can easily be transferred from one shrub or bed to another as the season progresses and different blossoms appear. Placing lighting in strategic locations throughout the yard can also enhance security by eliminating the possibility of anyone lurking unseen under cover of the shrubbery.

Some people like the effect of installing rope lighting along railings or walkways. These LED units feature individual LED lamps encased in clear plastic tubing, and are highly weather resistant.

There are dozens of suppliers of patio lighting of all sorts to be found on the internet, and, of course, the materials can be found locally at home centers and department stores, not to mention specialty lighting stores. The latter has the advantage of a sales staff that typically can provide ideas for the creative use of the products. Some internet sales sites also contain suggestions for how to beautify and expand your usable living space by means of patio lighting.

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