Bright Colors for Bedroom Walls
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Bright Colors for Bedroom Walls

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Bright Colors for Bedroom Walls

Redecorating a Bedroom – Selecting the Perfect Color For Your Walls

Bright Colors for Bedroom Walls. Most people want to make a change in their room colors at least once a year and it seems that right after the kids go off to school is the perfect time to start a project like redecorating bedrooms. Changing the color of a bedroom can be a challenge when a young person turns into a teenager, or a teenager goes off to college and will only be using the room during vacations and short visits.

It is important that when you change the color of a bedroom that you remember the important role that colors play in how people feel. Colors affect people’s moods as well as their health and can be calming or very intense. When decorating a bedroom or guestroom you want to select colors that will be relaxing and make the person feel comfortable. Read also: Good Bedroom Themes 2019

One way to select the best color for a room is to have a basic understanding of the symbolic meaning of the color and what the effect of different shades of that color will evoke from the person who is staying in the room. We’ll discuss a few of the most common colors that are selected for rooms and their benefits or lack of benefits in creating a calming and reflective environment for you.

Red – For some reason, teenagers seem to be drawn to the bright color red. Part of this is because of the symbolic meaning of the color red which is action, confidence, vitality, and courage. All of these are very important to teenagers and, whether or not they are aware of the symbolic meaning of the color red, they are drawn to this color for that reason.

The problem with red is that it is also a color that raises the chemical impulses of the brain that induce exaggerated emotion such as anger and tenseness. So, it is important to use a careful balance with this color to gain the positive attributes of the color but reduce the negative impact it.

Brown – Many people choose colors for their walls that are a shade of brown. This color symbolizes orderliness and convention. Depending on the intensity of the colors used to create it which are red, yellow, and blue, the emotions evoked from the color brown can differ dramatically. Many people who are extremely creative or abstract thinkers become depressed in rooms that are a hue of brown. Their minds are not orderly or conventional and the color sends a constant subliminal message reminding them of this fact. Read: Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas

Yellow – While the color yellow is often mixed with other colors to brighten them, it does have its own symbolic meaning. Yellow symbolizes wisdom, joy, happiness, and intellectual energy. When used in its bold bright version, this color increases the intensity of emotions but in most cases does not trigger negative energy. This is, however, a very high-energy color that will not make a person feel calm in a bedroom atmosphere.

Green – Shades of green are also very popular bedroom colors. This color symbolizes life, nature, fertility, and well-being. Almost any shade of green will evoke a feeling of calm, reflection, and peace. And in a lighter shade, it is an excellent choice for a bedroom. When used as a base color with just a touch of yellow, the calming influence of green will keep the energizing color of yellow at a more subdued level.

Blue – This wonderful and versatile color complements many other colors and textures and is a popular choice when decorating a bedroom. Blue symbolizes youth, spirituality, truth, and peace. When just a dab of green is added to the light blue paint and the proper decor the result is a very calming, life-affirming room that is restful and relaxing.

When selecting the color to paint a room, it is important that you take some time to think about what the colors you are considering mean and to mix colors so that they provide you with the mix that will relax and comfort you. Many people enjoy being creative in their bedroom as well as relaxing so it is important that you consider all of the activities that the room you are decorating will be used for.

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