Contemporary Garden Water Feature Design
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Contemporary Garden Water Feature Design

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Contemporary Garden Water Feature Design

A Look at Contemporary Water Features

Contemporary Garden Water Feature Design. Contemporary water features can add character and style to any living space. Chic, understated, and organic designs can add ambiance to any indoor area without detracting existing beauty from its surroundings. Whether you choose granite, stainless steel, or other material, a Contemporary water feature is one of the easiest ways to metamorphose a location into one of nature’s hubs.

Installation for any type of contemporary water feature unit is relatively easy and many portable units do not require connection to an in-ground pool or reservoir. You can attach freestanding units into existing reservoirs, or you can add one especially for your unit. Whatever type of assembly you choose; these units are quite efficient and economical – the water used can circulate repeatedly without replenishment. Read also: Water Garden Fountain Ideas

A very popular contemporary water feature design that I personally liked is the monolith or obelisk. The style is clean, understated, and continues to be the choice of many people. It is usually made of granite and it can hold its beauty for a very long time. The granite is lightweight and easily handled.

Another favorite of mine is a contemporary water feature made of stainless steel. There are several styles to select from – futuristic to simple. Tubes, globes, and abstract forms are freestanding designs that easily transform into works of art and fit nicely into any space in the home.

The resin is another impressive material used in building contemporary water features. They are less expensive and lighter in weight compared to other materials. The only small disadvantage with resin is that they are prone to damage easily.

Another well-known material used in making contemporary water features is copper. The only drawback about copper is that it requires more maintenance compared to other materials, but it is worth the price because the metal has a special hue that is unique.

In order to maintain your contemporary water feature in its original shape, I highly recommend regular cleaning and maintenance. Clean your unit with a cleaning product specially made for the material. Never use abrasive pads or cleansers as they can scratch the surface of your feature. Applying the wrong cleanser can cause stains, discoloration, or even damage to the material. Read also: Pond Design and Construction

It is important to protect your feature from weather damage if you live in extreme climate conditions where winter temperatures can drop below freezing. Start by draining all the water in your unit and leave it out to dry completely. Remove the water pump and store it in water to protect the seals. If there is adequate indoor space, move the feature to either the garage or storage shed.

If the unit is not easily transported, cover it loosely with a tarp or plastic bag and tie it at the bottom to keep water from penetrating the surface. During winter, make sure your unit stays dry. Old towels or absorbent cloths placed underneath can soak up any moisture that accumulates into the surface of your contemporary water feature unit.

Enhancing Natures Beauty – Outdoor Waterfall

One popular contemporary water feature is the outdoor waterfall. The charm and beauty of your existing garden combined with the sound of the cascading water from an outdoor waterfall can calm the spirit and quiet the mind. Many people like its versatility because it easily transforms an existing garden into an oasis or a place of relaxation or communing with nature. Read: Backyard Waterfall Ideas

The waterfall has been around for many generations and dates back to the time of Julius Caesar. Today, the outdoor waterfall has become synonymous with style and sophistication. The outdoor waterfall has brought a tremendous source of beauty and grace to many people for hundreds and hundreds of years. Metropolitan cities throughout the world construct large, ornate fountains for their city dwellers to walk around enjoy. Adding a contemporary water feature to an area in your home can give its value an additional boost.

In the end, whatever vision you have of an outdoor waterfall, you now have a place to relax and unwind. A contemporary water feature such as the outdoor waterfall can offer a breathtaking landscape of refreshing coolness, soothing sounds, and luxurious design something that will bring joy for years to come! Your outdoor waterfall is one addition to your garden that will be as beautiful, perhaps even better than you possibly had imagined.

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