Warm Minimalist Decor
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Warm Minimalist Decor

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Warm Minimalist Decor

The Contemporary Style is Minimal But Warm

Warm Minimalist Decor. Most people think of Contemporary style as being cold and harsh, or industrial and unfriendly. In reality, Contemporary style centers on clean, uncluttered lines and a minimalist approach to furniture and accessories, but it is much warmer and intriguing than most people think.

The first step in contemporary styling is to great rid of the clutter. It’s great to honor Grandma and Great-Auntie by displaying their treasured possessions but unless they are around to notice, pack away such collectibles. Better style, loan them to your local heritage museum, where they can be admired by many. Plus, you’ll get a nice little note identifying your knick-knack, “on loan from the collection of ….” Read: Minimalist Interior Design Tips

That’s the thing about Contemporary style – it’s very much about living in the experience of “now”. In order to do that, say, Contemporary designers, it’s essential to trim anything that gets in the way and to use the minimum of objects and furnishings so as to cut down on the drudgery of housework.

Next, determine your lifestyle and define the aesthetic that goes with it. Whether you work from home, like the quiet, bookish life or love to entertain friends and family, Contemporary decor requires you to pare your home decorating down to the barest essentials. Perhaps you want to have your living room, dining room, and kitchen in Contemporary style, but you want or need a study or den to contain your home office, professional and personal mementos, etc. You have options.

Contemporary color schemes center on neutral shades of white, cream, tan, and black. When choosing a wall color, pick something that will serve as the basis for all your decorating. Remember that lighter shades open up a room, which can be a big plus in a small space. Darker shades make a room cozier, but don’t go so dark that it feels like a dungeon. Consider a warm shade of white, such as ivory, for the walls, or perhaps a neutral pale tan, depending on the other colors you anticipate using.

Contemporary style’s neutral colors are sparked by bright accent colors such as deep, brick red, or vivid yellow. Depending on your aesthetic, you could also opt for an emerald green or a marine blue as your accent color. Whatever you choose as your accent, remember to keep it as exactly that – an accent. Keep in mind, however, that paint is one of the least expensive ways to brighten up the decor of your home, whatever the style.

Open space is also key to a Contemporary look. Aim for easy flow of traffic when arranging the furniture. Take out that space-hogging coffee table and anything else that impedes movement. Place furniture that is functional but highlights inviting, such as a sectional done in a low-maintenance fabric.

Next, choose some focal points for your decor. For instance, group your living room or dining room furniture on a striking area rug. Given the Contemporary design, you’ll want to avoid the complex patterns of Persian and Oriental rugs. Instead consider a strong Tibetan rug, which typically has a minimal, Zen-like pattern but some fascinating textures. Read also: Minimalist Home Interior Design

Or try a Navajo rug with a vivid pattern in your accent colors. Another option is a Transitional rug, a style that’s considered contemporary among rug makers. Depending on your finances, you could even consider having a large area rug made specifically to complement your own style.

Finally, add a large painting to one wall, or place a striking art object on a plinth. Install functional track lighting to highlight the artwork. Be sure to put the lights on dimmer switches to set a mood, such as romantic or convivial. If you need a lamp or two, be sure they’re made of metal and have clean, uncluttered designs.

Simple but striking, Contemporary decor never goes out of style.

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