How to Build A Garden Bridge
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How to Build A Simple Bridge

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How to Build A Simple Bridge

A Beginner’s Guide to Garden Bridges

How to Build A Simple Bridge. Garden bridges can make a dramatic focal point in your garden. A small pond or rock garden can turn into a work of art with a small arched bridge over it. You can make your yard look formal, or tranquility Japanese, or even country, depending on the style of bridge you choose.

Residential garden bridges can be found at home improvement centers or ordered online. They come with complete and simple directions for assembling them. To look them up, try arch, Asian, foot, garden, landscape, oriental, ornamental, or wood bridges. All of these are names for a small arc-shaped bridge. read also: Pond Design and Construction

If you love to do-it-yourself and are competent at it, it is a fairly uncomplicated process to make a garden bridge. Here are some tips for you to follow:

· Choose your spot, preferably over a pond, a rock garden, or some other area of interest.

· Measure the distance you will be spanning, adding one foot to each side to account for the arch and to securely support the ends of the bridge on firm ground.

· Choose the wood you will use; it should be pressure-treated lumber, redwood, or cedar, to withstand the weather and to keep maintenance at a minimum.

· Cut your base or bring measurements to your home improvement center and they will cut the pieces for you. This is also true for the flat slats. Your slats should be two inches thick, four or five inches wide, and four feet long.

· Set your base and lay the planks across it, leaving an inch between each one to allow for drainage of rainwater. Screw them into place using long, weather-resistant wood screws.

· Stain or paint the bridge, using a good, outdoor product.

· Once it is thoroughly dry and has been positioned, it needs to be securely anchored.

It is a good idea to make a concrete pad at both ends of your bridge. Dig a small square hole at each end and fill it with wet concrete. Immediately position your bridge over the squares and drill holes into the wood ends of your base. Insert long, thick, concrete bolts through the holes and allow the concrete to harden around them. Allow it to dry completely before using the bridge. Read: Contemporary Garden Water Feature Design

This bridge will not only add drama and interest to your garden design. It also requires next to no maintenance! You are going to love this project.

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