Outdoor Living Wall Systems
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Outdoor Living Wall Systems

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Outdoor Living Wall Systems

Outdoor Living Wall Systems. A living wall always requires a personal solution. Factors such as the weather, lighting conditions, plant preferences, and the choice for an indoor or outdoor application determine the best solution for your project.

We have made a general description of the system structures that Sempergreen offers. If you want to receive product recommendations tailored to your needs, you can request a free quotation through our online form or contact our account manager. Read also: Indoor Living Wall

With an outside wall, you can create a beautiful green area in cities where there is usually little room for plants. Exterior walls are not only good for the environment, but also for human well-being and biodiversity.

Characteristics of LivePanel Green Wall

Easy installation: no structural or waterproof support is required, and our green wall can be adapted to any existing or new existing or existing environment

Easy maintenance: our revolutionary system does not require the maintenance of materials and an effective way to preserve the health of the plant

Intelligent irrigation system: our green wall systems use efficient water evacuation, so no pumps are required. Safe and closed irrigation protects your room from mold and water damage. The small green walls can be irrigated manually, which reduces costs and water, and large green walls can be connected to direct the water pipes. Read also: Outdoor Living Spaces Gallery

Lightweight and thin, the material is only 3.75 inches from the wall and weighs only 8.2 kg / ft², full of plants and water

Ready for display: plants can be pre-cultivated on the first day off-site

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