Framed Bathroom Mirrors for Your Beautiful Bathroom
from Framed Bathroom Mirrors for Your Beautiful Bathroom,

Framed Bathroom Mirrors for Your Beautiful Bathroom

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Framed Bathroom Mirrors for Your Beautiful Bathroom

Stylish, Framed Bathroom Mirrors Made Easy!

Framed Bathroom Mirrors. When I built my current home I spent months thinking through every detail. The seemingly endless barrage of questions, decisions, and expenditures felt like it would never end. But having previously learned a lesson by allowing my builder to make crucial design decisions, I felt fortunate to have the final say; either right or wrong.

On my quest for design inspiration, I toured many show homes and scoured idea books and magazines. I combed countless internet sites trying to put together a collection of ideas to help me use my limited budget to create an inviting space that made it a pleasure to come home.

Once I felt comfortable with the design of my new kitchen, it was time to focus on the master bath. I chose my tub and fixtures, countertops and tile. I worked with my cabinet company to design the vanities. I informed my builder of the decisions that I made and found myself looking forward to the day that I would be able to use my new bathroom.

I imagined myself standing in the room admiring the handsome sconces that I had chosen to flank the mirror…MIRROR! I hadn’t even though about the mirror. What did I want to use? I knew that I did not want a plain sheet glass mirror stuck to the wall, but the hanging mirrors I had seen were just too small for everyday use.

I turned to my trusty idea books and saw a trend emerge. The bathrooms that felt the most complete, the warmest and inviting, had framed wall mirrors. Upon further exploration, it became apparent that these were traditional sheet glass mirrors with a decorative frame applied to create a very finished look.

Perfect. But how do I do it? Discussions with my trim carpenter and cabinet man fell short. Neither could offer me the gallery framed look of rich moldings and color selections. Even worse, the price was not very budget friendly. Back to do some research and find the answer.

After some searching, I found a few online suppliers that offer custom mirror frames that attach to an existing wall mirror. They are custom cut to your mirror size and come in a variety of styles and finishes. The websites walk you through measuring, ordering and installing your frame. The pricing was very reasonable too. I decided to give it a try. …

My builder and I settled on a mirror size and I placed my order. A few days later a gorgeous frame arrived with all the parts and pieces I needed to transform my mirror. When it was time to install I was amazed by how simple it truly was. And the finish and detail the new frame added to my master bath was astounding. I had truly created a look worthy of the idea books and show homes!

We love our new home and especially our beautiful new bathroom. The addition of frames to our vanity mirror was the finishing touch. The best thing about these custom frames is that they are perfect for use on mirrors in existing homes. Anyone who wants to add style to their bathroom can easily and inexpensively have the look of a custom framed mirror. In fact, now that I am all settled in, it’s time to look at adding a frame to the mirror in my children’s bathroom!

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