Tuscan Front Yard Landscaping
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Tuscan Front Yard Landscaping

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Tuscan Front Yard Landscaping

Tuscan Landscape Design – Rustic, Outdoor Elegance for Your Mediterranean Style Home

Tuscan Front Yard Landscaping. The Tuscan landscape design is a style that reflects rustic, Old World appeal with the simplicity of natural gardens while accenting the elegance and beauty of the finest residential architecture.

Modern homeowners find the Tuscan garden style an ideal combination of natural beauty, reminiscent of the quaint Tuscan farm life of long ago, and the sophistication of more modern, Renaissance Italy. This rustic, but classy, outdoor design is ideal for today’s popular Mediterranean and California style architecture and is quickly becoming a favorite landscape style in affluent communities across the globe.

Materials That Define a Tuscan Landscape

A common element in these Mediterranean-styled designs is that the garden and outdoor area are easy to maintain and highly functional. Terraces for entertaining and walkways for exploring create an outdoor living area that is beautiful and inviting. Selecting the right materials for these floors is an important part of producing an authentic, relaxing Tuscany atmosphere throughout your yard.

Consider materials like:
  • Weather-treated bricks, set in sand or mortar, offer a casual, rustic flair and trouble-free maintenance.
  • Gravel and decomposed granite are a favorite for landscape designs on a small budget. There are many different neutral hues available that complement the style and this option is one of the least expensive.
  • Tumbled travertine pavers are a classic flooring option that adds an elegant charm to your outdoor space and accentuates the modern design of your home.
  • There are many other popular flooring options available for landscape design with a Tuscan theme.

Tuscan Style Accessories

Furniture, lighting, and other decorative accents are equally important if you want to create true, Tuscan air in your outdoor space. Terra cotta is an inexpensive and essential part of the Tuscan garden style. Terra cotta planters, pots, and urns can be scattered throughout your outdoor space to showcase plants, delicate fruit trees, and other ornamentals.

Wrought iron and teak furnishings also add the rustic look and feel of Old World Tuscany into your outdoor living area. Wrought iron accents are also available in fireplaces, fencing, and lighting, and can even be integrated into door and window fixtures to blend your Tuscan landscape design with your modern home. Simple wall fountains and elegant stone accent walls with graceful, creeping vines are essential Tuscan accessories as well.

Tuscan Plant Life

Tuscan style materials, accessories that reflect the feel of Tuscany, and plants common to farm life are the key elements to a true Tuscan landscape design. Tuscan-style plants are lush, fragrant, and majestic species common to Mediterranean Italy. Aromatic herb gardens, fragrant, flowering vines, and picturesque evergreens are ideal choices.

Implementing the feel of Tuscany into your landscape design requires careful planning and a precise selection of plants and materials. A professional landscape design service can ensure the ideal Tuscan landscape design for your individual home style, as well as your personal needs and tastes.

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