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Mediterranean Furniture Style

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Mediterranean Furniture Style

Mediterranean Furniture Style. Have you ever walked into someone’s house and just felt blown away by the unity of style, color arrangement, and thoughtfulness pertaining to design? It does not take someone from a home decorating show like Trading Spaces to notice a subtle sense of style and interest.

Mediterranean furniture is one of the most mind-blowing arrangements you can choose for your home. The blanket term “Mediterranean furniture” covers Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, French and Moroccan styles from the Mediterranean Basin. While these styles may all seem disparate in nature, they were once colonized by the same conquerors and they all carry a look that is as colorful as it is exotic.

When budgeting, it may seem overwhelming deciding where to start. Do you want Mediterranean tables, beds, chairs, armoires, mirrors, tables, doors, couches, rugs, curtains, lamps, floor tiles or even ceilings? Also, since the colors are so vibrant and the patterns so distinct, many people are not sure how to mix and match. You want your room to work in harmony, not present a mentally-distressing, clashing pattern. Many designers say that everything does not have to match exactly, but a color scheme is important.

If you are furnishing a bedroom, you may want to go with an ornate headboard (such as the “Sapphire Starry Headboard”) in a theme color. To avoid overdoing it, try to find simple monochromatic bedding, with perhaps a little bit of light design around the trim. Next, you can find a complimentary armoire (like “Spanish Tile Blue” or “Spanish Tile Cream”) and mirror (like “Sufi Mirror 2”).

A Moroccan chest (like the “Mogador” chest) adds an air of mystery to the bedroom and can hold special mementos, photo albums or even just extra clothing. The Moroccan style lamps made out of wrought iron and dyed, hand-painted goatskin are the quintessential addition to any bedroom design. Instead of going with larger Mediterranean furniture, you might want to choose a plain bed set, but spice up your room with Mediterranean mirrors, lamps, rugs, pottery and throws instead.

If you are furnishing a living or sitting room, the ornate “Alfonso Royal Bench” or “Black Royal Chair” will make you feel like royalty atop a throne in your own home! TV set armoires turn your entertainment center into a piece of artwork when you are not using it, rather than a cluttered eyesore. You may choose a longer “Zouak” style table or a hexagonal shape table to hold your lamps, tea sets, remote controls, picture frames or artwork.

A nice Moroccan lamp and a Mediterranean rug will accent this room perfectly. Select the new “Rabat Relax” Moroccan chaise lounge chair for the most comfortable and stylish in Mediterranean furniture. Made of inlaid camel bone leather, this piece holds magnetic power for anyone who enters the room.

Outside, there are many Mediterranean furniture choices that will spellbind and make you feel like you are in a distant land, rather than in your own backyard. Tiled mosaic fountains are a must-have for your outdoor oasis. Moroccan lanterns can light up your patio parties and a table like “Emerald Nights” can hold all the hors d’oeuvres you can dream up. A Mediterranean candle holder can add mood to your gathering as well.

By choosing Mediterranean furniture, you are indulging in exotic tastes, as well as consciously selecting high-quality, handmade goods using ancient techniques and expert craftsmanship.

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