Mediterranean Interior Design Ideas Mediterranean Interior Design Spells Warmth Mediterranean Interior Design. The hardware tends to be heavy and often burnished, and the florals and greenery abundant in Mediterranean interior design. Walls are usually textured and the delightful and colorful

Mediterranean Furniture Style Mediterranean Furniture Style. Have you ever walked into someone’s house and just felt blown away by the unity of style, color arrangement, and thoughtfulness pertaining to design? It does not take someone from a home decorating show

Mediterranean Exterior House Colors Mediterranean House Plans – Tips For Your Home Makeover Mediterranean Exterior House Colors. Mediterranean house plans should go together with a good layout for your garden. Firstly, make sure to add lush vegetation, like palm trees,

Mediterranean Style Interior Design Decorate Your Home in the Mediterranean Style Mediterranean Style Interior Design. The Mediterranean style of decor comes from Spain, Greece, and Italy, although the Spanish decor is the most popular. Indeed, the Mediterranean style is also